A Family Memoir

Lorna Luft
Pocket Books

Lorna is the daughter of American movie star Judy
Garland. Lorna also refers to a current star, Liza Minnelli, who is
also Judy’s daughter, and Lorna’s half-sister.)

(page 77)

(Speaking of an incident with her then infant brother when Lorna was
three years old.)
Overcome with pain and anger, I began scratching his face … I had
really done it. I got the spanking of my life, and my mother was too
angry to speak to me for days afterward.

(page 81)

My parents felt very strongly about good manners. Liza and Joe and I
were always told to be very polite, especially to adults. My mother
was determined that we be respectful and well behaved. She detested
what she called the "B.H. [Beverly Hills] Brats," and she would give
us a sharp remark and a swat on the bum if we were rude.

(page 140)

(Speaking of her nanny Mrs. Chapman, and Mrs. Chapman’s daughter Dawn.
Lorna is about 11 here.)
… If I ever said so much as "Don’t do that" to Dawn, Mrs. Chapman
would punish me. She never punished Dawn, even when Dawn broke things.
… When somebody got hit, it was usually me. Mrs. Chapman knew how to
make me wish I’d kept my mouth shut. She usually hit me with a wooden
ruler, sometimes raising big welts. She would always hit me on the
back of my legs, the tender skin right below my bum. That way the hem
of the dress covered the marks, and they didn’t show. She hit me often.
My mother had spanked me with her open hand occasionally when I
deserved it, but never anything close to this.

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