Tanya Tucker with Patsi Bale Cox
Hyperion Books
New York 1997

(page 17)

It seems like I was always just missing getting into big trouble.…
Mother was the disciplinarian up to a point, but when things spun out of control she’d call Dad in on it.

(When she refused to go to bed) Dad would end up having to spank me. I’d stomp off to bed mad. That should have been the end of it, but not for me. I’d get up the next morning and say something like: "You know I heard about a Daddy who killed his little girl spanking her. You
wouldn’t want to do that, would you?" Or, "Daddy, you know I heard about a man who got put in jail for whipping his little girl. You wouldn’t want to go to jail, would you?"

(page 18)

(After Tanya fooled her parents into thinking a dog had attacked her)
"Mother and Dad thought it was about as funny as a heart attack, and they whipped my butt for it."

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