wagon train (USA tv)


deborah walley and michael burns are two young sweethearts who run away from home and cause obvious worry to their parents. eventually they are caught and look embarrassed as they try to explain themselves to the young man`s father, he of course accepts none of it and spanks his son, she finds it all quite amusing and when his spanking has finished the boy asks her "what are you laughing about?" she replies: "i`m sorry barney, please don`t feel badly, it`s just that i know now that if my father had only done that to me a few times i`d be a lot better off." the father then replies: "i couldn`t agree more and you`re next," then to her complete suprise he puts her across his knee and gives her behind a firm spanking, 3 spanks are shown which make her yell, then the scene fades away.

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