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T.Panaretos - 12/06/00 06:00:38
My Email:art_of_truth@yahoo.com.au

Just stumbled across this site while musing about. Anyway I live in Tasmania and I know of a Viet Vo Dao club at the Tas. Uni's Hobart campus. Didn't see any mention of it on your site and I was wondering if this Hobart club is legitimate. E-mail me if you want at "art_of_truth@yahoo.com.au."

"Ba.ch Lie^n" - 10/28/00 16:28:47

This site brings back fond memories of thuo*? tho* a^'u, tua^`n hai nga`y ta^.p luye^.n mo^n pha'i vo~ dda.o 'VoViNam' vo*'i ca'c chu' co^ va` anh chi. em vo*'i mo^.t nie^`m vui kho' ta~. Va` muo^n ddo*`i se~ nho*' nhu*~ng nga`y xa xu*a ddo' vo*'i ky? nie .m kho' phai vi` dda~ a(n sa^u trong lo`ng ta. Mi`nh cu~ng ma~i nho*' dde^'n mo^.t o^ng tha^`y ma` mo.i ngu*o*`i go.i ba(`ng "Tha^`y Kho^i". Nhu*ng kho^ng pha?i chi? la` ngu*o*`i tha^`y vi` ddo^'i vo*'i mi`nh "Tha^`y Kho^i" cu~ng la` "Ba'c Hoa`ng" ki'nh y ^u cu?a mi`nh na(m na`o! I hope VoViNam and what it stands for lives forever in our hearts and the hearts of our future generations. Ngu*o*`i Vie^.t Nam muo^n thuo*?, "Ba.ch Lie^n" (chi? la` bie^.t hie^.u ma` tho^i) :)

oki - 10/28/00 08:46:29


Sil Lung - 07/13/00 08:08:02
My Email:jovi_khan@hotmail.com

Hey there Vovinam brothers and sisters. IT's dark out there, the light is subsiding, everyone has only one eye open with no cones only rods, which makes it harder to see the colours. Hope we can all live like this till the day we die. Cause if that is o r destiny then we will be brothers and sisters forever, if not then hope gad will bless us.

- 07/08/00 14:32:02
My URL:http://www.users.bigpond.com/huan2709/vovinam

GUYS!!!!! Check out our new HomePage at the above URL!!! See u there!!!!

Mark Nguyen - 06/27/00 22:11:47
My Email:mn250@hotmail.com

Hi I'm an instructor from Houston, Texas. Just wanted to say HI to everyone. Wish everyone luck in practicing Vovinam. Stay focus and don't quit.

Mix Master Mike - 06/03/00 12:14:39
My URL:http://www.hey.com
My Email:bsp4@hotmail.com

Hey Man i've been training at coomoora Sc and i haven't got my dark blue belt yet. When do i get it???? BAI BAI MIKE

- 05/13/00 04:31:52


Hai S. Vu - 05/08/00 15:11:37
My Email:Sonhv@yahoo.com

If all of you in Australia still have "Ti`nh Su+ Mo^n 98, 99, and 2000", I would like to have it for reference. Thankx. Hai

blake fitzgerald - 05/01/00 13:29:53
My Email:kama_@yahoo.com

why isn't it in western australia

- 04/21/00 02:04:26


Ramli Hicham - 04/10/00 11:02:15
My URL:http://www.ifrance.com/VovinamMaroc
My Email:VovinamMaroc@ifrance.com

Hello masters First I'm going to present myself.I'm Hicham Ramli, President Of Vovinam-VVD Morocco. Your web site is very good, I hope if you make a link for me. Thanks a lot

Michael D - 02/14/00 06:24:54
My Email:michael_dee@hotmail.com

Hello, i'm michael and i go to the springvale training. i reckon its good. i want to buy a uniform. how much is it>?

Javier el de Icod - 01/09/00 20:35:24
My URL:http://www.oocities.com/vovinam_canarias
My Email:buenpaso@teleline.es

Hola, soy Javier el de Icod (Tenerife, Espaņa). Soy instructor 1 dang de Vovinam. si alguien habla espaņol y quiere contactar conmigo estoy esperando su e-mail. Un saludo a todos los practicantes de Vovinam.

Pedro - 01/06/00 12:27:56
My URL:http://personal5.iddeo.es/avvvde
My Email:pedroaglez@mixmail.com

Hello from Spain We wish you health for the New Year. Bye

lit-bear - 11/26/99 01:04:30
My Email:gaucon@hoctro.zzn.com

very lifeful! i'm a student from the Vovinam Centre in Toronto. come to http://members.aol.com/chieutran/vovinam.htm i'm one of those blue-belt. :)) see you all and keeping up the hard practices. (it's reaaaaalyyyyy important to keep practicing!)

Loc Huynh - 09/28/99 22:36:16
My Email:lochuynh@melpc.org.au

Hi Iam Loc Huynh.Iam vietnamese.You have really made up a good site but you need to put in pictures of our Vietnamese culture fighting. i have found this site in the victoria's vietnamese news & tivi magazine and I also saw your avertisement that you will be opening a class in Footscray YMCA at the CNR or Market st.Maybe my son will join. Thank you for your time.

VS Tran Thai-Quy - 09/26/99 20:08:25
My Email:vovinamvvd@bluemail.ch

Hello Dong Mon, It's greet to see your homepage. Really good work. I'm a student of VS Nguyen Van Nhan. Our organisation's name is Phong Trao VOVINAM Viet Vo Dao Au Chau, under the command of VS Trang Phuoc Duc in France. I'm one of the leader here in Switzerland. Keep in touch, VS Quy

Hai S. Vu - 09/22/99 00:00:47
My Email:Sonhv@yahoo.com

Hello all, Hello all, I am from Chicago, Illinois, USA. Any of you know VS Le^ C. Danh's new telephone number and address? We are in Chicago, would like to contact to him as soon as possible. Thank you very much. I am looking forward to hear from you soon. Hai

Vinh Tran - 09/15/99 06:11:34
My Email:vinnielove_99@hotmail.com

Hi! I'm really enjoy this page and my wish is to be train in Vovinam bcoz i am vietnamese and i love our traditional way of life as well as our martial arts, but there are none at my place i.e Bankstown if there is one please notify me thank you. Oh one more thing, i was trained in Southern Shaolin VingTsun Kuen for a while but I prefer Vovinam Viet Vo Dao if I have a chance... that's enuff 4 now...see ya all!!!!!!!

CUTI - 07/26/99 02:02:58

I'm just starting VOVINAM two weeks ago and loving it. Thought i'm still sore all over from the training.

CDC - 05/13/99 05:30:05

I've seen it, look good but still need more work on it

Mick - 05/11/99 06:12:15

I've seen it. Look good but need more work on it.

flea - 01/06/99 12:36:19
My Email:the_flea@hotmail.com

hi dudes hows it hangin..???? it me andrew oppatt just saying hi and your page is great, i train at springvale vic

Peter Pham - 01/02/99 01:40:58
My Email:peterpham@ozemail.com.au

No comments! Not sure where to start!!!! Too busy but will get back to you shortly! No co-operate ID - the logo - need lots of work!

Tai Le - 12/28/98 12:56:51
My Email:tai@chem.usyd.edu.au

Hello there, Just a quick browse at your site, will email you later to give you my opinion about the site...

10/23/98 22:05:27
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Just surfing and came accross your page Thanks

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