Fan sites

Hommage an Klaus Kinski
by Martin Mengele
Great frames site in German. Includes biography, filmography, theater appearances, publications, source list, and a guestbook.
Old logo K2 - The Creature Is Sly (The Complete Guide To Klaus Kinski)
by Dan Taylor / Exploitation Retrospect (The Online-Journal of Junk Culture & Fringe Media)
Great site in English. Includes a filmography with extensive reviews of (currently) 23 Kinski moviers. There are more articles by Dan Taylor and there is also a Klaus Kinski message board!
Klaus Quarters [ex-Klaus Quarters (The Kinski Project)]
by KWest Productions [ex-Lorneworks]) -- E-Mail
This site is collecting the nominations for the yearly Klauskar Awards... also there are links to find internet shops where you can buy Kinski movies and movie posters. Sez the keeper of this site: "I am an uncompromising bastard. May Klaus have mercy upon my soul, even though I truly do not deserve it!" I mean to be honest: just Fuck You! Who invited you?
The same guy is also maintaining Klaus Kinski - The Kinski Files (KWest Productions [ex-The Complex])
[no picture available] Klaus Encounters
by Kip Blount
Offers English written information. Still in the works.
[no picture available] Kinski
by rtocah
Offers 10 complete MP3-files of Kinski recitations in German: Dostojewski's "Der Traum von Raskolnikoff" plus 9 African poems (no Villon). Also offered is a Windows sound scheme with Kinski's voice! (just click the running letters at the top of the page to download)
[no picture available] Ingo's Klaus Kinski Homepage
by Ingo
This site is mainly a collection of links and however, the only fan site dedicated to Klaus Kinski when I started my own site in mid-1997.

More sites

Klaus Kinski - ein wahnsinniger Schauspieler (Prisma TV Guide) - 1-page biography in German
Annotated Klaus Kinski Filmography (Slate - Sidebar Of Book Review) - uncomplete listing
Klaus Kinski (StarSeeker) - a collection of currently 9 links
Attractiveness and likability of prominent people (Ronald Hess 1996) - war Kinski sch÷n?

Where to buy Kinski stuff - currently lists 54 available Kinski movies. - alternate URL
Video Search of Miami
CDNow - currently lists 11 available Kinski movies
[Klausgoods] (Klaus Quarters) - a list with links to places where you can buy various Kinski goods
La boutique franšaise des Etats-Unis / The French Video Club - 3 French Kinski movies to rent
Sound & Vision - various German Kinski movies but without search facility
The Nostalgia Factory [Search] - currently finds 48 Kinski products, mainly movie posters
Rick's Movie Graphics [Search] - currently finds many 22 Kinski movie posters
Blood Times Video - said to sell the Paganini-video! - E-Mail
La videoteca di Panorama - said to sell the Paganini-video!
Luminous Film & Video Wurks: Books and magazines - they sell the book Disorder & genius: The complete films of Klaus Kinski for $10
Midnight Media: Publications - they sell the book Disorder & genius: The complete films of Klaus Kinski for $9 / ú5.90

Movie guides

Make your own searches for Klaus Kinski in some of the internet's most popular movie guides. In some of these guides you can make boolean seraches (e. g. "klaus AND kinski"):

All Movie Guide
Internet Movie Database / IMDb ( - currently lists 148 Kinski movies with many many links
  • Internet Movie Database / IMDb - UK-Server
    E Online (GO Network) - filmography with small fact sheets for currently 59 Kinski movies
    Moviefinder - currently lists 30 Kinski movies
    Movieline - currently lists 123 Kinski movies (some double)
    Mr. Showbiz - currently lists 2 Kinski movies - currently lists 25 Kinski movies - reviews 3 Kinski movies
    TV Guide online

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