David Abramowitz

(writer) (episodes "Prodigal, The (1985)", "Enemy Within, The (1986)")

Larry Alexander

(story) (episode "Heist, The (1985)")

Robin Bernheim

(writer) (episode "Human Factor, The (1986)")

Robert Bielak

(story) (episode "Renegade (1989)")

Chuck Bowman

(story) (episode "Road Not Taken, The (1986)")

Joan Brooker

(writer) (episode "Soft Touch (1987)")

Judy Burns

(writer) (episode "Last Stand (1985)")

Judy Burns

(opening gambit) (episode "Gauntlet, The (1985)")

Marianne Clarkson

(writer) (episodes "Battle of Tommy Giordano, The (1989)",
"Unfinished Business (1989)")

Calvin Clements Jr.

(writer) (episodes "GX-1 (1987)", "Kill Zone (1988)", "Negotiator, The (1988)",
"Mask of the Wolf (1988)")

Phil Combest

(story) (episode "Twice Stung (1986)")

John Considine

(writer) (episodes "There but for the Grace (1991)", "Blind Faith (1991)","Good Knight MacGyver: Part 1 (1991)", "Good Knight MacGyver: Part 2 (1991)")

Anthony DiMarco

(writer) (episode "Countdown (1986)") (as Tony DiMarco)

Stephen Downing

(opening gambit) (episode "Thief of Budapest (1985)")

Stephen Downing

(writer) (episodes "Deadly Dreams (1989)", "Legend of the Holy Rose: Part 1 (1989)", "Legend of the Holy Rose: Part 2 (1989)", "Coltons, The (1991)")

Sally Drake

(writer) (episode "Ten Percent Solution, The (1989)")

Tom Drake

(writer) (episode "Ten Percent Solution, The (1989)")

Rick Drew

(teleplay) (episode "Secret of Parker House, The (1988)")

Rick Drew

(writer) (episodes "Thin Ice (1988)", "Blood Brothers (1988)", "Cleo Rocks (1989)", "Easy Target (1989)", "Jenny's Chance (1990)", "Wall, The (1990)")

Nancy Eddo

(writer) (episode "Soft Touch (1987)")

David Engelbach

(writer) (episode "Gold Rush (1989)")

Peter Filardi

(writer) (episode "Endangered, The (1988)")

Dennis Foley

(writer) (episode "Golden Triangle, The (1985)")

Bill Froehlich

(teleplay) (episode "Wish Child, The (1986)")

Bill Froehlich

(writer) (episodes "Twice Stung (1986)", "Partners (1987)")

Michael Greenburg

(story) (episode "Coltons, The (1991)")

Larry Gross

(writer) (episode "Ugly Duckling (1986)")

Joseph Gunn

(story) (episode "Hell Week (1987)")

Chris Haddock

(writer) (episode "Challenge, The (1989)", "Invisible Killer, The (1989)", "Renegade (1989)", "Cease Fire (1989)", "Treasure of Manco, The (1990)")

Robert Hamner

(writer) (episode "Wasteland, The (1991)")

Gene Hanson

(writer) (episode "Secret of Parker House, The (1988)")

Rob Hedden

(story) (episode "Three For the Road (1986)")

Rob Hedden

(writer) (episodes "Final Approach (1986)", "Birth Day (1987)",
"Bushmaster (1987)")

Doug Heyes Jr.

(writer) (episode "For Love Or Money (1987)")

Rick Husky

(writer) (episode "Fire and Ice (1987)")

Stephen Kandel

(opening gambit) (episode "Trumbo's World (1985)")

Stephen Kandel

(writer) (multiple episodes 1985-1989)

Michael Kane

(writer) (episode "Bitter Harvest (1990)")

David Ketchum

(writer) (episode "Countdown (1986)")

Lincoln Kibbee

(writer) (6 episodes 1990-1991)

John I. Koivula

(story) (episode "Phoenix Under Siege (1987)")

Stephen Kronish

(writer) (episodes "Eraser, The (1986)", "Out in the Cold (1987)",
"Friends (1987)", "Back From the Dead (1987)")

Stephen Kronish

(teleplay) ("Road Not Taken, The (1986)", "Phoenix Under Siege (1987)")

Stephen Kronish

(story) (episode "Wish Child, The (1986)")

Brian Lane

(story) (episode "Wish Child, The (1986)")

Kerry Lenhart

(story) (episode "Mask of the Wolf (1988)")

Kerry Lenhart

(teleplay) (episode "Three For the Road (1986)")

Kerry Lenhart

(writer) (episodes "Jack of Lies (1986)", "Out in the Cold (1987)")

Mark Lisson

(story) (episode "Three For the Road (1986)")

Mark Lisson

(writer) (episodes "Twice Stung (1986)", "Partners (1987)")

Jerrold L. Ludwig

(writer) (episodes "Deathlock (1986)", "Lost Love (1987)") (as Jerry Ludwig)

Lee Maddux

(writer) (episode "Log Jam (1990)")

Paul A. Magistretti

(writer) (episode "Family Matter (1987)")

Don Mankiewicz

(writer) (episode "To Be A Man (1986)")

Paul B. Margolis

(writer) (episodes "Collision Course (1988)", "Black Corsage, The (1989)", "Black Rhino (1989)", "Lost Amadeus, The (1990)")

George Lee Marshall

(writer) (episode "Eagles (1986)")

Mike Marvin

(writer) (episode "Target MacGyver (1985)")

Fred McKnight

(writer) (episode "Escape, The (1986)")

Herman Miller

(writer) (episode "Murderers' Sky (1988)")

Rick Mittleman

(writer) (multiple episodes 1989-1992)

Leonard Mlodinow

(writer) (episode "Hell Week (1987)")

W. Reed Moran

(writer) (episodes "Blow Out (1987)", "Mask of the Wolf (1988)",
"Survivors, The (1989)")

Terry Nation

(opening gambit) (episodes "Golden Triangle, The (1985)",
"Thief of Budapest (1985)", "Last Stand (1985)", "Target MacGyver (1985)")

Thackary Pallor

(writer) (episode "MacGyver (1985)")

Michelle Poteet Lisanti

(writer) (episode "Outsiders, The (1988)")

Brad Radnitz

(writer) (episodes "Visitor, The (1990)", "Faith, Hope & Charity (1991)",
"Deadly Silents (1991)", "Mountain of Youth, The (1992)")

Anthony Joseph Rich


David Rich

(writer) (episodes "Jack in the Box (1987)", "Split Decision (1991)")

Mark Rodgers

(writer) (episode "Walking Dead (1991)")

Grant Rosenberg

(writer) (episode "Fraternity of Thieves (1989)")

Grant Rosenberg

(teleplay) (episode "Wasteland, The (1991)")

Scott Rubenstein

(writer) (episode "Hell Week (1987)")

John J. Sakmar

(story) (episode "Mask of the Wolf (1988)")

John J. Sakmar

(writer) (episodes "Jack of Lies (1986)", "Dalton, Jack of Spies (1987)")

John J. Sakmar

(teleplay) (episode "Three For the Road (1986)")

Paul Savage

(story) (episode "Prodigal, The (1985)")

James Schmerer

(teleplay) (episodes "Hellfire (1985)", "Target MacGyver (1985)")

James Schmerer

(writer) (episodes "Heist, The (1985)", "Nightmares (1986)",
"Every Time She Smiles (1986)", "Assassin, The (1986)")

Joel Schwartz

(writer) (episode "Runners (1989)")

Hannah Louise Shearer

(story) (episode "Flame's End (1986)")

John Sheppard

(teleplay) (episodes "Secret of Parker House, The (1988)", "Passages (1990)")

John Sheppard

(writer) (multiple episodes 1989-1992)

Robert Sherman

(writer) (multiple episodes 1989-1991)

Jaison Starkes

(writer) (episode "D. O. A.: MacGyver (1987)")

Joe Viola

(writer) (episode "Thief of Budapest (1985)")

Art Washington

(writer) (episodes "Tough Boys (1990)", "Squeeze Play (1990)",
"Gunz 'n Boyz (1991)")

Douglas Brooks West

(writer) (episode "Hellfire (1985)")

John Whelpley

(teleplay) (episode "Widowmaker, The (1987)")

John Whelpley

(writer) (episodes "Early Retirement (1988)", "Rock the Cradle (1988)",
"On a Wing and a Prayer (1988)", "Ma Dalton (1989)")

Cathleen Young

(writer) (episode "Madonna, The (1989)")

Harv Zimmel

(story) (episode "Widowmaker, The (1987)")

Lee David Zlotoff

(serie creator/writer)