Other Crew

Temple Anderson

(script supervisor (7 episodes in season 6: 1990-1991)

Edle Bakke

(script supervisor (episodes "Silent World (1986)" and
"Phoenix Under Siege (1987)")

Kathy Barrett

(script supervisor (season 1: 1985-1986)

Ted Bauman

(location manager (multiple episodes seasons 3-4: 1987-1989)

Fred Boyd

(gaffer) (1990-1991)

Bruce L. Brownstein

(location manager (multiple episodes seasons 5-6: 1989-1991),
location manager (seasons 2-4)

Maria Cady

(script supervisor (episodes "Golden Triangle, The (1985)"
and "Gauntlet, The (1985)")

Robin Chamberlain

(production executive (multiple episodes 1987-1988) (as Robin Chamberlin)

Della Circelli

(administrative supervisor)

Debbie Coe

(animal trainer) (episode "Black Corsage, The (1989)") (as Debra J. Coe)

Murray S. Craig

(racing technical consultant (episode "Collision Course (1988)")

Rosie Dean

(production coordinator) (season 7: 1991-1992)

Michael Des Barres

(lyricist: song "Cleo Rocks" (episode "Cleo Rocks (1989)")

Rick Drew

(executive script consultant (season 4: 1988-1989), executive story consultant
(season 5: 1989-1990)

Michael Eliot

(post-production supervisor (seasons 4-5:1988-1990) (as Mike Eliot)

David Engelbach

(production consultant (episode "Gold Rush (1989)")

Candice Field

(script supervisor) (seasons 4-5: 1988-1990)

Elaine Fleming

(production office coordinator) (season 3: 1987-1988)

Robert Frederick

(production executive) (seasons 4-5: 1988-1990)

Rudolph Garcia

(costumer) (episode "D. O. A.: MacGyver (1987)", costumer: men (1985-1986)

Rosa Gonzalez

(assistant to assistant producer (episodes "Silent World (1986)" and
"Phoenix Under Siege (1987)"), assistant to associate producer (1985)

Dave Gordon

(key grip) (1987) (sometimes as David Gordon)

Russell Gray

(casting associate) (season 7: 1991-1992)

Valerie Gray

(production office coordinator) (seasons 4-6: 1988-1991)

Gordon Hardwick

(location manager (episode "Blow Out (1987)")

T.J. Healy

(location manager)

Thomas J. Healy

(assistant location manager)

James Hibbard

(choreographer) (episode "Cleo Rocks (1989")

R.K. Hill

(key grip) (seasons 5-6: 1989-1991)

Michael Jarvis

(location manager) (8 episodes in season 7: 1991-1992)

Stephen Kandel

(executive story consultant (episodes "Golden Triangle, The (1985)",
"Thief of Budapest (1985)", "Gauntlet, The (1985)", "Last Stand (1985)"
and "Trumbo's World (1985)")

David Keiss

(location manager (multiple episodes season 5: 1989-1990),
location manager (multiple episodes seasons 3-4: 1987-1989)

Murray Kenig

(technical advisor (episode "Ten Percent Solution, The (1989)")

Rowland Kirks

(location manager (episodes "'Hood, The (1991)", "Walking Dead (1991)", "Deadly Silents (1991)", "Gunz 'n Boyz (1991)" and
"Mountain of Youth, The (1992)")

Joanne Koehler

(casting associate) (1985)

Nick Kuchera

(key grip) (seasons 3-4: 1987-1989)

Maria Lease

(script supervisor)

Danny McWilliams

(location manager) (multiple episodes season 6: 1990-1991)

Herman Miller

(executive script consultant (episode "Murderers' Sky (1988)")

Rick Mittleman

(creative consultant) (seasons 6-7: 1990-1992)

Kelly Moon

(script supervisor) (multiple episodes in season 6: 1990-1991)

Robert Moore Jr.

(costumer) (13 episodes in season 7: 1991-1992)

W. Reed Moran

(executive story consultant) (11 episodes 1988)

Helen Mossler

(original casting)

Walter Mustapich

(unit manager) (season 6: 1990-1991)

Stephanie Nolin

(assistant costume designer) (multiple episodes 1987-1991)

Colleen Nystedt

(location manager)

Bernadette O'Brien

(costumer) (8 episodes in season 7: 1991-1992)

Ray Quiroz

(script supervisor) (multiple episodes in season 7: 1991-1992)

Paul Rabwin

(post-production coordinator) (season 4: 1988-1989)

Brad Radnitz

(executive story consultant) (season 7: 1991-1992)

Brad Rines

(post-production supervisor) (season 6: 1990-1991)

Andrea Robinson

(song: "Higher Life", episode "Two Times Trouble 1989")

Vicki Rosenberg

(original casting)

Jan Rudolph

(script supervisor) (multiple episodes in season 7: 1991-1992)

James Schmerer

(story consultant (episodes "Hellfire (1985)", "Prodigal, The (1985)",
"Target MacGyver (1985)", "Nightmares (1986)" and "Deathlock (1986)")

Daniel J. Shea

(hockey technical consultant (episode "Thin Ice (1988)")

Robert Short

(black rhino designer (episode "Black Rhino (1989)")

Sara Thornberg

(assistant to executive producer) (1988-1990),
post-production coordinator (1990-1991)

Joyce Unruh

(costumer) (5 episodes 1991)

Danielle Veber-Feller

(costumer) (13 episodes in season 7: 1991-1992)

Susan Weir

(script supervisor) (season 3: 1987-1989)

Thomas Welsh

(costume department supervisor (1987-1991), costume supervisor (1991-1992),
wardrobe supervisor (1985-1987)

Lisa White

(location manager (episodes "Silent World (1986)"
and "Phoenix Under Siege (1987)")

Bruce Williams

(post-production supervisor) (season 3: 1987-1988)

Sharlene Williams

(costumer: women) (1985)

Anne Winsor

(costumer (episode "D. O. A.: MacGyver (1987)"), costumer: women
(episodes "Silent World (1986)" and "Phoenix Under Siege (1987)")

Len Wolfe

(gaffer) (1987-1990)

Bill Zaitzov

(location manager (episodes "Lost Love: Part 1 (1987)"
and "Lost Love: Part 2 (1987)")