How to get out of jail with an electrically charged floor?

1. Attach chain to wooden chair.
2. Place chair on electric floor.

Hop on chair, don't touch floor.
Lean back in chair

Fill keyhole with gas from lighter.
Jump off chair.

Push light hanging from cord
against door to ignite the butane.

BAM, door is open.

Take apart gun, use pin to
pick handcuff locks.

 How to get a car with no engine to "go:"

Put booster rockets on
side of car.

Hook the car to a box
of grenades.

BAM, building door is blown off,
car goes.

Used the booby trap stalactites
to cut rope.

Candle in armor to burn rope
for distraction.

Used SAK to start the plane.

 How to get out of a volcano:

Thread rope thru funnel.

Put coat over steam pipe.
The pressure of steam forces
coat and funnel out.

Hope it "catches," it does.

Loop rope thru pulley.

Rope moves, hang on, get out.