by Mark Daniel

Suddenly, the airplane lurched
violently, the fuselage shrieked
and the plane jack rimed with a
sickening thud.
MacGyver threw his knabsack onto
the snow leaped after it. "Get
out of the way, Silva!" he shouted,
"She's going to blow!"

Seconds later, in rapid succession,
the fuel tanks blew...

A bad start a desperate mission
for ex-Special Services officer,
MacGyver in the Alaskan
wastelands, a crazy general has
developed a bacterial time-bomb
which threatens to wipe out the
neighbouring Russian population.
Only one man can break through
Abe Roscow's ingenious security
defences and abort his deadly plan -
MacGyver, the fast-thinking loner
who combines a brilliant mind with
formidable physical strenght.

Based on the Paramount television series