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111  Harry's Will (Harryn Testamentti)  
     Airdate:   05 November 1990
     Writer:    Lincoln Kibbee
     Director:  William Gereghty
     Cast:      Richard Dean Anderson as MacGyver
                Lyle Alzado as Tiny
                John Anderson as Harry Jackson
                Dick Butkus as Earl Dent
                James Doohan as Speedy 

     Story: MacGyver tangles with crazy crooks and an elderly ex-con in pursuit of a treasure                thought hidden in a Nomad station wagon willed to MacGyver by his grandfather.

Secretary: Wilton Newberry, attorney at law. Hold for a moment, please. You may go in now, Mr MacGyver. 

Mac: Mr Newberry? Hi, my name's MacGyver... You might remember me from the reading of my grandfather's will, Harry Jackson? I'm supposed to be here at 7 a.m.? I'm aminute early. So...

Newberry: Your grandfather instructed me not to conduct any business at hand until 7 a.m. 
He said, "Mr Newberry, I have chosen you because of your adherence to detail."

Mac: I can see why. 

Newberry: Thank you. Please. Now, Mr MacGyver, I'm in a panic, I do not seem to have a  
record of your first name in the file. 

Mac: Yeah, it's just MacGyver. 

Newberry: Isn't that wonderful? You must save so much ink signing cheques! The court has  
saw to your grandfather's will which I'm supposed to give you at this precise moment.  

Harry: (Mac reads Harry's letter): Dear Bud, if you're reading this, know I guess I'm pushing  
up daisies. Well, at least I'm not paying taxes. There's something very special that I 
want you to have. You can pick it up at Mel's Storage, 1412 Minton before 10 a.m.  
today. Love, Harry. 

Mac: Any idea what this is about? 

Newberry: I was not privy to your grandfather's intentions nor did I pry. Why? Because I'm a  
professional. The card in the envelope might give you a clue, however... A guess. 

Mac, reading: Bud, keep your eyes on the road, and your hands on the wheel. 

Newberry: It's very cryptic. 

Harry in Mac's memories: Yes, keep your eyes on the road, hands on the wheel. Doing fine,  
just fine, Bud. 

Tiny: Cody!! Aren't you forgetting something? 

Cody: Like what? 

Tiny: Your recipe book. 

Cody: Keep it. 

Tiny: Gee, Cody. I know I'll never be as good a cook as you. I know that. But if I could come  
close... You know... I just love the way you do your gulash and your scalloped potatoes. Oh, and your broccoli. 

Cody: Ah, Tiny, you'll do fine. 

Big Mama: Dent? 

Earl: Yeah, Big Mama? 

Big Mama: Put your helmet on.  

Earl: Easy, Big Mama! 

Mel: Yeah, MacGyver, your grandpa Harry made arrangements for everything. 

Mac: Arrangements? 

Mel: Yeah. Trainloaded to it, a slot in Speedy's garage, and now - yes - this note. I'm sorry  
about the coffee stains. 

Mac, reading: Our larcenous friend slipped out of the noose, 

Take him to Robin, the chickenīs a wild goose. 

Mel: A-ha! A-ha! Just what I thought. 

Mac: What? 

Mel: Oh, that Harry is one clever fella, I'll give you that. Harry, Harry, Harry... 

Mac: So what does it mean? 

Mel: That beats me. That's what I mean about Harry. Anyways, here she is. 

Cody: Mel, I called you last week. You said it was here. 

Mel: It was. 

Cody: So where is it? 

Mel: Try Speedy's garage. On 2nd Avenue. 

Cody: I know, I know... 

Cody: Garage. 2nd Avenue. Speedy. Hurry! 

Big Mama: Do it! 

Mac: Excuse me? 

Cody: Ah... I... Oh... I'm sorry. I just... MacGyver? 

Mac: Yeah? Who are you? 

Cody: 'll give you a hint. The dealerīs got a six up. You're holding twelve. Hit or stand pat? 

Mac: Well, stand pat... Cody? 

Cody: Direct from the slammer to you. 

Mac: Man, it's been what? 

Cody: 17 years, 3 months. 

Mac: Long time. 

Cody: 2 weeks, 4 days. I wanted to pay my respects to Harry. Of all my friends he was the  
only one who'd visit me on the inside. I loved your grandpa. 

Mac: Oh, thanks, Cody, I appreciate that. 

Cody: I appreciated him, too. Anyhow, the Nomad lives. I feel... I feel good about that. 

Mac: Yeah. She's a beauty, isn't she? 

Cody: Yeah, yeah... You didn't find anything unusual in the car, did you? 

Mac: Unusual,... like what? 

Cody: Nothing, nothing... I was just... you know... forget it. 

Mac: Cody, you're up to something, you got that look. 

Cody: MacGyver, I've known you since you were a kid, how could you think such a thing? 

Mac: Because I've known you since I was a kid. 

Cody: Yeah, but don't forget I'm a changed man, I've been rehabilitated. How's it running? 

Mac: We're about to find out. 

Big Mama: Dent? 

Earl: Big Mama? 

Big Mama: What it is? 

Earl: The man Cody's looking for a '57 Nomad. This dude named MacGyver is supposed to have it. 

Big Mama: Check it out! 

Earl: Think it's in the Nomad? 

Big Mama: I do, Dent, I do. 

Earl: Ditto. 

Mac: All right, she's warm, let's go! Hop in! 

Cody: Wait a minute, wait a minute, hold it! 

Mac: What? 

Cody: You're missing a radiator cap. 

Mac: What... 

Cody: I don't see it. Oh! Oh. There's an auto supply, right across the street. 

Mac: All right, I'll be right back. 

Cody: Harry, what do you... what are you up to, anyway? There's nothing here. 

Earl: Looking for something, Cody? 

Cody: Dent? 

Big Mama: Bonk him! 

Earl:Bonk? Bonk. 

Mac: Hey, that's my car! 

Policewoman: ...about your Nomad, that carīs a classic. Sign right there, at the bottom. 

Mac: Thank you very much. 

Cody: Take your best friend's counsel and to talk to the bird.

Policewoman: Thieves gotta hold of one of these puppies and pop - stripped faster than you  
can say `black marketī. 

Mac: Thank you very much. 

Policewoman: OK, partner. We're out of here. 

Cody: So, you're hungry? 

Mac: Hungry? 

Cody: Yeah, yeah, so am I. For some chicken. 

Mac: Chicken? 

Cody: Chicken, yeah. How about the Chicken Habit? On 3rd. I've had a craving for one of their drumsticks for years. 

Mac: Speedy! Phone! Spee... Hello? 

Arnold: You MacGyver? 

Mac: Yeah, who is this? 

Arnold: Your Nomad is at 2211 Circshire. Bring Cody. He's the key. And cops. 

Mac: All right, Cody, let's go. I got a lead on the Nomad. 

Cody: What about the chicken? 

Mac: Later. 

Speedy: What was that? 

Cody: Maybe I oughta stay here, hold down the fort? 

Mac: Yeah, sure. (he takes the keys out of the ignition) 

Cody: On second thought, you might need me inside. 

Cody: Anybody in there? 

Mac: Shhhh... 

Mac: Come on. 

(He picks the lock.) 

Cody: Can you teach me how to do that? 

Mac: I don't think that's such a good idea? 

Cody: Probably right. 

Mac: There's a phone booth outside. Call the police. 

Cody: What about my chicken? 

Mac: Forget your chicken! 

Cody: I don't have any change. 

Mac: Just dial 911! It's free! 

Cody: 911. Got it. 

Mac: Cody! 

Big Mama: My trike! 

Earl: It's that MacGyver guy! 

Big Mama: Freeze dudes! 

Mac: You're hurt? 

Cody: Just my pride. Better let me do the talking. 

Big Mama: My trike! Look at what you did to my trike! 

Earl: Oh, oh! 

Cody: You better do the talking. 

Big Mama: We want the diamond pendant. 

Mac: Diamond pendant? 

Cody: I don't know anything about a diamond pendant! 

Earl: Cody, I spent six years in the cell next to yours. Weīre talking a million dollar diamond  

Cody: I never said anything about a diamond pendant! 

Earl: You talk in your sleep! 

Big Mama: Cody, we know what's in the Nomad. The question is where. 

Cody: I got nothing to say. 

Big Mama to Earl: Convince him. 

Mac: Cody! 

Big Mama: Hold it! 

Mac: Cody... 

Cody: The pendant's mine. 

Big Mama: Law says: finders keepers. 

Cody: I did 17 years hard time for that piece of jewellery. Go ahead. Kill me. I ain't talking! 

Mac: Cody! 

Big Mama: What about your friend here? Maybe I'll put a couple of holes in him. 

Cody: I'm sorry, MacGyver... 

Mac: Cody! 

Cody: OK, OK. Harry, MacGyver's grandfather, owned the Nomad. He moved the diamond and left this note. 

Big Mama: Give me that! Take your best friend's counsel, then talk to the bird, Go to the habit, over on Third. 

Mac: No wonder you wanted chicken so bad! 

Big Mama: Yeah, and the one on 3rd has the big chicken where you place the order. 

Earl: Yeah, the bird on 3rd! The pendant's in the chicken! 

Big Mama: Sometimes the man is frightening... 

Cody: Excuse me, madam. You got what you want. Why don't you let us out of here, huh? 

Big Mama: After what you did to my trike? Get real! Dent. Sorry this place is such a pit... 

Earl: Ditto. 

Cody: I'm so depressed. 

Mac: I don't wanna hear it. 

Cody: When I pulled that jewellery store heist, I was hired by the owner, a guy named Biff Arnold.  

Mac: I don't wanna hear about it! 

Cody: The deal was that he was to collect the insurance money and keep all the jewels. The  
diamond pendant was my pendant for pulling the job. I've never told the cops about  
the jewels. That's why they threw the buck at me. 

Mac: Can we discuss it some other time? 

Cody: The insurance company went out of business and Biff Arnold was never paid. 

Mac: I guess not! Why are you telling me this? 

Cody: Because Big Mama was right. Legally speaking, the pendant is finders keepers. When I  
found out 5 years ago. who do you think I called? Right! My childhood buddy. Harry! I  
told Harry. When he found out about the heist, he was steamed. Do you know I wanted 
to cut him in for half? But no! He didn't want any part of it! Started talking about the  

Mac: Well, Harry was right. 

Cody: Yeah... tell me something: how can a million bucks be immoral? Anyway, at least  
Harry agreed to keep the pendant safe for me. Then a year ago, he writes me he's put 
the Nomad in storage. So, is the pendant still there when I go to get it? Of course not!  
He leaves some stupid riddle instead! My wish was I could open a restaurant with the 
money from the pendant. I always have dreamed I would be truly appreciated for my  
culinary skills.  

Mac: Harry always said you were a wiz in the kitchen. 

Cody: I can give Wolfgang Puck a run for tip money. But now Dent and Big Mama have got  
the pendant and the world will never taste my egg-plant parmeggian. Hey,... hey, that's  
nice! Real nice!  

Mac: All right, let's go! Use me as a step! 

Cody: Hey! It's got a leak! 

Mac: Well, hurry up! OK, here. Keep adding pressure until I get out. 

Mac: Cody! 

Cody: Get up! It's stuck! 

Mac: Well, pull it out! 

Cody: Sorry, I'm not very mechanical. 

Mac: I'll try to remember that. 

Cody: So come out. Let's get to the Chicken Habit. 

Mac: Ah... I don't think the pendant is there. 

Cody: What do you mean? 

Mac: Harry left me a note, too. Come on, I'll explain on the way. 

Mac: Oh... radiator cap. 

Cody: Right. 

Chicken Habit Saleswoman: Hi, welcome to Chicken Habit. Can I take your order? 

Customer: Oh, yes. I'd like six chicken nuggets and three corn on the cob . 

Chicken Habit Saleswoman: May you speak a little louder? I can't hear you! 

Customer: All right. OK. Quiet. QUIET!!!!!! I'd like six chicken nuggets and three corn on
the cob. 

Earl: Repair. Just go on with your order. 

Customer: Oh... OK. We'd also like three Colas and a root beer. 

Cody: Our larcenous friend slipped out of the noose. You think Harry's talking about me?  
You're probably right. Take him to Robin, the chickenīs a wild goose. 

Mac: Robin's an old friend of Harry and mine. 

Cody: So what's he mean `the chickenīs a wild gooseī? 

Mac: Well, I think it was Harry's way of telling me that the Chicken Habit was a wild goose chase. 

Cody: OK, that all makes sense to me. Makes it? Habit! 

Sister: MacGyver! It's so good to see you! 

Mac: Hi, Sister. Sister Robin, this is Bill Cody. She's wearing a habit. 

Cody: I know that! 

Sister: It's so nice to meet you, Mr Cody. 

Cody: Same here, Sister. 

Sister: Bill Cody, I know your name. 

Cody: Buffalo Bill, I get it all the time. 

Sister: No, from somewhere else. Harry - he said you'd be coming here with MacGyver. He left a package. 

Cody: A package? 

Sister: But before I give it to you, Harry wanted us to have a meal together.  

Cody: Meal? Why? 

Sister: I don't know. But when I read that note, I said to myself "Harry, what are you up to, anyway?" 

Cody: Did you figure it out? 

Sister: No. But he was very insistent. No meal - no package. 

Cody: No meal - no package... 

Chicken HabitSaleswoman: Ah... pardon me but my manager wants to know what you're 
doing to our chicken. 

Big Mama: Weīre replacing it with a duck! 

Earl: Where is that pendant? 

Arnold: Oh, why don't you try Sister Robin's Kitchen? Just up the street. 

Big Mama: What? 

Earl: I didn't say anything. 

Arnold: I did... 

Woman: Mr Cody, this is quite possibly the best soup I've ever had, and I know because my  
Stanley was a first-rate cook. 

Cody: Oh... thank you. 

Woman: Would you... divulge your recipe to a harmless old lady? 

Cody: To a harmless old lady - not a chance. But to you - I might consider it. 

Woman: Ah, thank you. Thank you, Mr Cody. 

Mac: Cody! I'm impressed. You can cook.  

Sister: Mr Cody, I am speechless. Well, actually, not really, you know. But you are simply wonderful. 

Cody: Oh, it's very kind of you. Thank you. 

Sister: Thank you. And now I suppose you would like the package. 

Cody: 17 years I've waited for this. 

Mac, reading: Bud, I'd teach Cody myself, except that I died,  
Your lessonīs at center, four notes side by side. 

Cody: Listen, that's a beautiful thing. 

Earl: OK, everybody! Freeze! 

Big Mama: Can't you ever wait? All right! Hand it over! NOW! 

Earl: You heard the lady. Hand it over! 

Cody: No! 

Mac: Give it to him, Cody. 

Big Mama: Have a nice life. 

Earl: Ditto. 

Mac: Cody, they have got a gun. 

Cody: So what? Without that pendant life is worthless anyway. 

Mac: That pendant is a piece of custom jewellery. 

Cody: Custom jewellery? No way. I had it retraced before I went to prison. It was almost  
worth a million back then! 

Mac: Not that pendant. The diamond had a big scratch right down the middle of it. It was glass. 

Cody: Harry... Harry must have... must've made a switch. 

Mac: : Bud, I'd teach Cody myself, except that I died,  

Your lessonīs at center, four notes side by side. Four notes side by side... 

Cody: Come on, what is this? 

Mac: A hockey rink. 

Cody: A hockey rink? Why would Harry bring us here? 

Harry: Hey, we made it. Ah, your skates and stick are behind the back seat. 

Cody: You're coming or what? 

Mac: Just a second. 

Mac: Harry, you never forgot a thing. 

Cody: Come on, MacGyver, how is skating gonna solve anything? 

Mac: I don't know. 

Mac: I'd teach Cody myself, except that I died, your lessonīs at center. My lessonīs at center... 

Commentator: Taylor Arena and the first period of sudden death overtime to decide this  
Minnesota State peewee hockey championship. MacGyver, no. 11 of the... MacGyver scores!  

Harry: You intentionally tripped that boy. 

Young Mac: But we did it, grandpa. We won! 

Harry: You're no winner, Bud. 

Mac: Hey, Cody, I think I figured it out. 

Cody: Pendant's in the ice? 

Mac: My lesson at center. The one he wanted to teach you. 

Cody: By slipping me a fake pendant? 

Mac: Well, in case you ran off with it before the meal, I guess. Harry always saw something in you. Something decent. And he knew Sister Robin's Kitchen was the perfect place to tap into it. 

Cody: By having me make lunch? 

Mac: Well, yeah. Cooking is what you do best and it's what the people at the soup kitchen need most. It was all a part of Harry's lesson - that success isn't the matter of how much you've got, it's how well you live. 

Cody: Which is what? I'm supposed to give my pendant to charity? 

Mac: Well, as a matter of fact, Sister Robin is losing her lease. 

Cody: Hold it, hold it, wait a minute, Sister Robin has cut the loan just fine without me. People have been eating her lousy food for decades. All of the sudden they need me to stay in business? 

Mac: It's not that sudden. Harry knew about the lease coming due. It was all part of his plan. That's what he was up to. 

Cody: That no good schemer! Why couldn't he just die like everybody else? No, not Harry!  

He's too stubborn. Holy macquererl! 

Mac: This - is the real thing. So what do you say? 

Sister: Young man, get your hands off of me! Just let go off me, right now! 

Big Mama: Play it straight or say goodbye to the penguin! 

Mac: All right, take it easy, relax. 

Earl: This one better be real. Our fence laughed at us. 

Mac: Oh, this is real all right. 

Big Mama: Come on, let's go, toss it over! 

Mac: OK. 

Earl: Give me that! 

Arnold: Herr Cody and associates! Welcome! Perhaps you noticed my black van tracking  
your every move. That was I. The one behind the scenes. The one who pitted each of  
you against the other. So that I may step in at the end and annex my just deserts. You  
don't remember me, do you, Freinholtz? 

Cody: No. 

Arnold: I'm Herr Arnold. I own this pendant and I am reclaiming it. 

Cody: Biff Arnolds? The owner ofthe jewellery store? You aren't German. 

Arnold: Right. But as you can see the years have been very stressful for me. 

Mac: Ah, Mr Arnold, that pendant is not yours. 

Arnold: Is that right, sonny? Well, as you can see, I still have possession of it, don't I? 
And possession is nine tenths of a lot, pilgrim. Besides, I had earned it the old fashioned  
way. All started when I was very young. I said `Daddy, Daddy, can I have some  
money, Daddy, please?ī `Carnation, boy! I said, get out on them fields and shut that  
cotton, shovel out that mule pen. And get yourself a haircut, you look like a sissy.ī  
And so I did. I wandered off into the world to build my own business - a jewellery  
store. Very respectable path. I didn't have enough. I wanted more, do you hear me,  
more, more, more! And now look at me, a shadow of the man I once was. I've waited  
years for this moment. And now the pendant is mine. Do you hear me? Mine! All mine! 

Mac: Can I see it? 

Arnold: See it? What do you mean, `see itī, I don't understand? 

Mac: Look at it. I want to look at your pendant. 

Arnold: Oh, sure, have a look. But don't get any ideas. I'm a crack shot. 

Mac: Yeah, I know you are. 

Arnold: Notice the quality and the fine cut. It's not the size that makes the gem, you know.  
Stop that son, you're a pervert! Mummy, Mummy, forgive me, Mummy! Let's ask  

Daddy, Mummy! I want some money, Mummy. Hold on there, pilgrim! I told you to... 

Mac: Is this how you remember him? 

Cody: Hhm, the years haven't been kind... heīs gone over the deep end. 

Mac: Yeah. 

Arnold: .....damn ballet classes again. But, Daddy, I gotta be me! 

Mac: Hold it, right there.  

Arnold: What? 

Mac: The gun. Give me the gun. 

Arnold: Sure. 

Mac: Good... Now, stay put. Someone will be here soon.  

Arnold: Stay put! Yes! Stay put! Put my suit! 

Cody: Call 911? 

Arnold: Put me down! Putting! Ah, yes, yes! Tapioka pudding! 

Mac: Definitely. 

Arnold: That's all, folks. 

People: Cody! Cody!.... 

Sister: Just listen to them. Word got out that Cody is gonna start cooking today. You don't think he's changed his mind about paying off our lease? 

Mac: Uhm.... I think he just stopped off to deposit the cheque. He'll be here. He's just late. 

Sister: Yes. He'll be here. But he's awfully late. 

Cody: What are you staring at? The shirt? The suitcase? What would you do if you had 
million dollars? All of sudden I was in the back of the taxi on the way to the airport.  
The cabbie turns on the radio and do I hear music? No, I hear Harry. He says, `What  
are you up to, Cody?ī How can I deal with that? Well, am I late? 

Mac: I'd say you're just in time. 

Sister: Your public awaits you.