Honors and Recognitions

Curiously, "MacGyver" never won an Emmy. But the show has earned honors for other aspects of its production.

- Two first-season episodes, the pilot annd "Thief of Budapest," won awards at the Second Annual Stuntman Awards for Best High Work and Best Specialty Stunt, respectively.

- In 1989, Richard Dean Anderson and the executive producers of "MacGyver"- Henry Winkler, John Rich, and Stephen Downing - accepted awards from the Center to Prevent Handgun Violence. MacGyver Mailing List subscriber Sparrow says that "at the reception was the unveiling of the episode 'The Gun,' produced in reaction to the murder of Rebecca Schaeffe by a crazed fan."

- In 1991, the show was honored at the fiirst annual Environmental Media Awards for "Ongoing Commitment" to environmental concerns.

- A dubious honor: Also in 1991, the consservative Media Research Center named "MacGyver" one of the ten most "liberally biased" TV shows of the 1990-1991 season because of its focus on the environment, gun control, and foreign affairs.

- The episode "Black Rhino" won a Genesiss Award for animal awareness.

Richard in award seremony