Jack Dalton / Bruce McGill

Jack Dalton
Whenever Jack Dalton enters MacGyver's life, things always seem to get more complicated. He's always got something up his sleeve, and it's usually a get-rich-quick plan that backfires. The son of a (posthumously) decorated Air Force pilot, Jack was put up for adoption shortly after he was born. He grew up with MacGyver in Mission City, Minnesota, and moved to California, where he ran a short-lived taxi service before setting up a private airline, Fly-By-Night. Subsequent enterprises include Jack-Be- Quick Messenger Service and his current business, Dalton Air. MacGyver has learned to avoid Jack Dalton like the plague, for when Jack appears on the scene, trouble is sure to follow. He can tell when Jack's lying when his left eye twitches. Despite his numerous business failures, Jack remains optimistic that he'll someday make the big score.

Jack Dalton Episodes:

Season 2
2-07 Jack of Lies
2-16 Dalton, Jack of Spies
2-18 Partners
2-20 Friends
Season 3
3-01 Lost Love 1/2
3-02 Lost Love 2/2
3-07 Jack in the Box
3-14 The Odd Triple
3-17 Mask of the Wolf
3-18 Rock the Cradle

Season 4
4-04 On a Wing and a Prayer
4-07 Ma Dalton
4-16 Brainwashed
4-19 Unfinished Business
Season 5
5-12 Serenity
5-16 Jenny's Chance
Season 7
7-14 Mountain of Youth

Bruce McGill
Mustachioed veteran character player of both films and TV, the stage-trained Bruce McGill is known for his portrayals of masculine authority figures: military men, sheriffs and politicians. He first received fame for his small yet memorable turn as Daniel "D-Day" Simpson Day in "National Lampoon's Animal House" (1978), a role he reprised for the short-lived TV spinoff "Delta House" (1979). He has since become a familiar face in both features and TV appearing in "My Cousin Vinny" (1992), as the officious sheriff; "Cliffhanger" (1993), as a nasty treasury agent; and "Waiting for the Moon" (1987), which provided McGill with one of his rare leading roles. He recently completed principal photography on two additional feature films, Sum of All Fears and Ali, both released in 2002.

Name: Bruce Travis McGill
Birthdate: July 11, 1950
Birthplace: San Antonio, TX
Hair: Brown
Father: McGill, Woodrow Wilson. Insurance salesman.
Mother: McGill, Adriel Rose. Artist.
Education: University of Texas at Austin in Austin, TX.
Wife: Gloria Lee-McGill

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