Memoriable Characters

Dexter Fillmore (Richard Dean Anderson):

MacGyver's favorite alias. He used this computer-geek identity to help bring down a money launderer, to stop a plot to steal top-secret Phoenix equipment, and to shut down a counterfeit baseball memorabilia operation.
Episodes to check for Dexter

Jenny's Chance
Deep Cover
Squeeze Play
Sam Malloy (Dalton James):

Appeared in the season finale, as MacGyver and Kate Malloy's son - unknown to MacGyver. Kate was a photo-journalist MacGyver was involved with after college. When Kate was murdered by Chinese soldiers under the command of General Chan, SAM vowed revenge. His chance for revenge came when he and his father confronted Chan, but MacGyver talked SAM out of killing Chan. SAM and MacGyver set off on a motorcycle journey at the end of finale season.
Episodes to check for Sam

The Stringer
The Coltons

Frank, Jesse, and Billy Colton are brothers in the bounty-hunting business. Their mother, affectionately known as Mama Colton, is the brains behind the operation. A recent addition to the family has been Frog, a dog who was left behind when his previous owner was forced to assume a new identity.

Episodes to check for Coltons family

Ma Dalton (Jesse Colton)
The Black Corsage (Frank Colton)
Second Chance (Jesse Colton)
Black Rhino (Billy Colton)
Serenity (Billy Colton)
Squeeze Play (Mama Colton)
The Coltons (all of them)

Frank Colton
(Cleavon Little)

Jesse Colton
(Richard Lawson)

Billy Colton
(Cuba Gooding, Jr.)

Mama Colton
(Della Reese)
Nikki Carpenter (Elyssa Davalos):

Joined the Phoenix Foundation in the third season of "MacGyver." She and MacGyver met when she was investigating her brother's murder. Her husband was killed in a mafia car-bombing that was meant for her; as a result, she's afraid of becoming too involved with anyone (including MacGyver) for fear that she'll "jinx" him like she "jinxed" her husband.
Episodes to check for Nikki Carpenter

Lost Love 1/2 (as Lisa)
Lost Love 2/2 (as Lisa)
Fire and Ice
The Widowmaker
Blow Out
Early Retirement
The Negotiator
Mama Lorraine (Kimberly Scott):

Owner of Haitian Creations Botanical Shango, a shop down the street from MacGyver's seventh-season apartment. She practices the Vodoun religion (more commonly known as voodoo) and has quickly developed a friendship with MacGyver.
Episodes to check for Mama Lorraine

The 'Hood
The Prometheus Syndrome
Walking Dead
Kate Myrphy (Kim Zimmer):

Head of the Los Angeles police narcotics squad. She played an instrumental role in the initial arrest and conviction of serial killer Dr. Zito (see next listing) and, as a result, earned Zito's eternal hatred.
Episodes to check for Kim Zimmer

Deadly Dreams
Lesson in Evil
MacGyver's Women
Dr. Zito (W. Morgan Sheppard):
He was a serial killer before Lt. Kate Murphy stopped him and testified against him during his trial. From his cell at the state mental hospital in Alameda, Zito carefully plotted his revenge, using fellow prisoner Eric Cross as his weapon. MacGyver was able to stop Cross after figuring out Zito's elaborate plan. Two years later, Zito targeted MacGyver, attempting to teach him a "lesson in evil." Murphy was seriously injured, but MacGyver bested Zito in a battle of wits.
Episodes to check for Dr. Zito

Deadly Dreams
Lesson in Evil
Michelle "Mike" Forrester
A botanist who attended college with MacGyver and Jack Dalton. Jack, with MacGyver's reluctant help, rescued her from a ruthless drug dealer in the Central American country of Dinoto. Unfortunately, she was later killed on the mountain known as "The Widowmaker" when her climbing equipment failed. MacGyver, who had been climbing with her, mistakenly blamed himself for her death; moments before she fell, he had hurt her by telling her that he wasn't ready for commitment.
Episodes to check for Michelle Forrester

Jack of Lies (Patricia McPherson)
The Widowmaker (Lisa Bayliss)
Lisa Woodman (Mayim Bialik):

The daughter of a wealthy industrialist, Lisa came to MacGyver's aid after he was framed for the attempted assassination of a nation's president. She was kidnapped by one of her father's ex-employees and later developed a drinking problem, for which she has sought counseling.
Episodes to check for Lisa Woodman

Cease Fire
Hearts of Steel
Twenty Questions
Deborah (Kristian Alfonso):
Known as "The Negotiator," Deborah was hired by Knapp, a land developer. Her goal: to get close to and influence MacGyver, who was delaying one of Knapp's projects by voicing his concerns over the impact the project would have on the local environment. She failed to sway him, and she also failed to kill MacGyver. Two years later, after serving a reduced sentence, Deborah again tried to kill MacGyver. With his friends' help, MacGyver outwitted her, but she fell to her death after one last attempt to kill him.
Episodes to check for Deborah

The Negotiator
Unfinished Business
Jimmy Kendall (Joe Santos):

Formerly known as "The Eraser," Jimmy Kendall gave up his life as a professional hitman (with MacGyver's help) and assumed a new identity as the coach of a minor-league baseball team.
Episodes to check for Jimmy Kendall

The Eraser
Back From The Death
Michael Thornton

Pete Thornton's son. Pete came to his and his mother's aid when a former DXS agent kidnapped them, seeking revenge on Pete. Michael later became involved in a plot to steal top-secret blueprints from the Phoenix Foundation. After being caught, Michael cooperated with federal agents to expose the rest of the theft ring.
Episodes to check for Michael Thornton

Family Matter (T. Scott Coffey)
Fraternity of Thieves (Hank Stratton)
Connie Thornton

Pete Thornton's ex-wife. She divorced Pete twenty years ago when she realized that his work was taking up more of his time than she was. Connie returned to help Pete through his eye operation.
Episodes to check for Connie Thornton

Family Matter (Penelope Windust)
Hind-Sight (Linda Darlow)
Jennifer Reiner

Jennifer, whose street name was Crystal, became a prostitute after years of abuse by her father, a policeman. MacGyver, Cynthia Wilson, and Kate Murphy helped to reform her.
Episodes to check for Jennifer Reiner

Runners (Holly Fields)
MacGyver's Women (Traci Lords)
Maria Romburg (Brigitte Sternberg):
A prospective love interest for MacGyver, Maria was reunited with her grandfather when the Berlin Wall fell. She joined the Phoenix Foundation, became romantically involved with MacGyver, and then left for Brazil on assignment. (*Note: She actually left the show after the producers received loads of angry mail from female viewers, who wanted Mac to remain single and uncommitted.)
Episodes to check for Jennifer Reiner

The Wall
MacGyver's Women
Cynthia Wilson (Roxanne Reese):

Head of the Challengers Club. Her husband, Booker, was murdered when he angered a member of the city council who was a white supremacist. She performed a moving tribute to her husband in "The Madonna."
Episodes to check for Cynthia Reese

The Challenge
The Madonna
Breeze (Charles Andrew Payne):

A former gang member, Breeze has become a valued member of the Challengers Club.
Episodes to check for Breeze

The Challenge
The Madonna
The Gun
Mei Jan (Michele B. Chan):

A member of the Chinese student movement. She arrived in the States as Sue Ling, MacGyver's Chinese "foster daughter," and later revealed that the real Sue Ling had been killed at the Tiananmen Square uprising in 1989. MacGyver helped her to complete her mission in the U.S.
Episodes to check for Mei Jan

Children of Light
The Stringer
Wilt Bozer (Robin Mossley):

MacGyver's neighbor at the marina.
Episodes to check for Wilt Bozer

Halloween Knights
The Lost Amadeus
Milt Bozer (Robert Donner):

Brother of Wilt Bozer. Curiously, he appears only in the two Western "dream" episodes, but not in regular "MacGyver" continuity.
Episodes to check for Milt Bozer

MacGyver's Women
Earl Dent (Dick Butkus):

An ex-convict, Dent has since gone straight. Dent has tried to support his daughter, Veronica, with winnings from prize-fights.
Episodes to check for Earl Dent

Harry's Will
High Control
Split Decision
Willis (Bruce Harwood):

A Phoenix Foundation scientist whose work appears to deal mainly with environmental studies.
Episodes to check for Willis

The Wall
The Wasteland
Trail of Tears
The Vonleer, Erich (Christopher Neame):

Two wealthy, dastardly treasure-hunting brothers. Erich used MacGyver and his friend Zoe Ryan in a plot to recover the Holy Grail and met his end instead.
Episodes to check for Erich Vonleer

Legend of The holy Rose 1/2
Legend of The holy Rose 2/2

Christopher Neame's credits include also:

Deathlock (as Quayle)
Good Knight MacGyver 1/2 (as Duncan)
The Vonleer, Nicholas (Kai Wulff):

Two wealthy, dastardly treasure-hunting brothers. Nicolas, seeking revenge on MacGyver for his brother's death, met his own demise in the search for the Eye of Osiris.
Episodes to check for Nicholas Vonleer

Eye of Osiris

Kai Wulff's credits include also:

Every Times She Smiles (as Froloff)
Collision Course (as Hans Visser)
Black Rhino (as Ladysmith)
Mike Kiley (Jackson Davies):

If Mac needed to deal with the police, Kiley was his man. Kiley apparently (either through script inconsistencies or just plain hard work on his part) advanced quickly through the ranks of the police department, going from Detective (in "Twenty Questions") to Lieutenant (in "The Wall") to Captain (in "Lesson in Evil").
Episodes to check for Mike Kiley

Twenty Questions
The Wall
Lesson In Evil
Phil Sternweis (Christopher Gaze):

I think this funny and mysterious character deserves his place on the list. He introduced himself as Phil Sternweis Vortex vacuum cleaner salesman. He helped MacGyver to expose con artists who promise to transport a desperate rural family to a trouble-free planet, for a price. At the end of this episode Phil vanished without trace.
Episodes to check for Phil Sternweis

The Visitor