Murdoc / Michael Des Barres

Little is known about the international assassin Murdoc. He is, and has been, the best in his line of work; his methods are, in his own words, "quick, neat, untraceable." His mastery of makeup and costuming have made him difficult to identify, and he never leaves loose ends - except, of course, in the case of MacGyver and his friends.
Murdoc had been known to the DXS for about five years prior to 1980, when he attempted to kill Peter Thornton and MacGyver. This 1980 encounter resulted in Murdoc's apparent death in a collapsing building. He did not return until seven years later, when he nearly succeeded in blowing Mac and Pete up. Murdoc "died" in this confrontation, too, after being careless with dynamite. But somehow, he escaped the explosion, and he reappeared about a year later, to the surprise of a grieving MacGyver and Nikki Carpenter; again, he took a "fatal" dive off the mountain known as the Widowmaker after cutting his own climbing rope. The next time he tried to kill MacGyver, he staged an elaborate musical, "Cleo Rocks," using MacGyver's friend Penny Parker as a pawn. Posing as crippled director Jacques La Rue, he came very close to realizing his goal - only to be defeated, once again, by MacGyver's ingenuity. For his "death" this time, he plunged into a fiery pool after being electrocuted. Murdoc laid to rest his vendetta, albeit temporarily, against MacGyver when he realized that MacGyver was the only one who could help him rescue his sister, Ashton Cooke, from his vengeful ex-employer at HIT, Homicide International Trust. This spirit of cooperation between the two, however, did not last; after another of Murdoc's "deaths," he and MacGyver resumed their deadly game of cat-and-mouse...with Murdoc, yet again, plummeting into a flooded mine shaft. Murdoc's final regular-series appearance was as the right-hand man of a deposed Central American dictator who intended to regain power; Murdoc made his exit by driving a Jeep off of a cliff after a failed attempt to run MacGyver down. The body is not found. But just so Mac doesn't worry this time, Murdoc gives him a call, laughs maniacally and hangs up...
Despite his nasty homicidal tendencies and twisted sense of honor, there are facets of Murdoc's personality that are quite likeable. The assassin is a photography buff; to assure his employers of a successful hit, he sends them a picture of the moment of the victim's death. He showed his talent for musical composition when he wrote the score for "Cleo Rocks," and he even fell in love with Penny Parker as he worked with her on the production. He secretly supported his sister, Ashton, without revealing to her his identity. If he hadn't become a hired killer, he probably would have chosen a career as a photographer or a musician.

Murdoc Episodes:

Season 2
2-18 Partners

Season 3
3-08 The Widowmaker

Season 4
4-09 Cleo Rocks

Season 5
5-06 Halloween Knights
5-12 Serenity
Season 6
6-19 Strictly Business
Season 7
7-03 Obsessed

Michael Des Barres
Michael Des Barres was born January 24, 1949, and spent his childhood in Hampstead, England. He enrolled in drama school in London at the age of 16. He appeared in the 1967 film "To Sir with Love" and launched his own rock and roll band with the financial backing of composer Andrew Lloyd Webber. Des Barres fronted for the '70s rock bands Silverhead and Detective and filled in for Robert Palmer as lead singer of Power Station. He appeared in an episode of the original "WKRP in Cincinnati" and played Jack Burns in the more recent syndicated "WKRP" series. He's guest-starred on TV shows such as "Lois & Clark", "Roseanne" and "Seinfeld" to name a few; his film credits include "Pink Cadillac", "Under Siege" and "A Simple Twist of Fate." In the late 1990's, Michael continues to act. He has been in over 40 television shows and made 15 movies, sometimes showcasing his musical talent and sometimes not. He has recently appeared in Sliders, Jag, Roseanne (a new episode), and several episodes of "Melrose Place" where he played the recurring role of Arthur Field. His most recent movie has been released on home video, called Poison Ivy: The New Seduction, and in 1997 he completed work on another movie, Me And Will, in which he plays a therapist in a rehab center. He has also filmed guest appearances in 1998 episodes of Hitz and Just Shoot Me. His most recent movie is "Sugar Town," which was released to rave reviews in September 1999. He has been singing occasionally at the Viper Room in Los Angeles - look for shows by Vince Lightning and the Spectaculars.
In 2002 he got role in tv-serie My Guide to Becoming a Rock Star. Inspired by the hit British TV series, this satire centers on the struggling rock band "Slip Dog" and their search for fame. Michael guest-starred, playing the role of Dr. Zirby in a new show on NBC started July 20, 2002.

Name: Michael Des Barres
Birthdate: January 24, 1949
Birthplace: Hampstead, England
His bands: Silverhead, Detective and Power Station
Father: Des Barres, Philip
Mother: Des Barres, Irene
Education: Drama school in London
Wife: Pamela Des Barres (divorced)
Son: Nicholas Des Barres
Favourite Murdoc episode: Strictly Business

Michael Des Barres