Action packed classic tv serie MacGyver starring Richard Dean Anderson ran for seven successful years between 1985-1992 and still today continues to enjoy popularity all around the world. Mac is a genius when it comes to improvisation. Using his extensive knowledge of chemistry and physics, along with experience with machinery of all types and plenty of imagination, he is able to get himself and his companions out of any kind of danger.

- Finally MacGyver on DVD. Check out more below.

- I made videoclip from "Ma Dalton". Downlload it here and tell me what you think.
Richard Dean Anderson is MacGyver

Richard Dean Anderson is MacGyver MACGYVER ON DVD

Official DVD set. Release date will be January 25, 2005. MacGyver - The Complete 1st Season 6-disc box set that features all 22 episodes from the first season. This will come in full screen 1.33:1 video format. The sound is Dolby Digital English Mono according to the studio's info sheet, and is closed captioned for the hearing impaired. The running time is 17 hours, 25 minutes. There's no information about extras.

More information: http://tvshowsondvd.com/shownews.cfm?ShowID=2149

Richard Dean Anderson is MacGyver WHY I LIKE MACGYVER
I really liked the fact that he was against guns, smoking, drugs, and drinking. All in all, MacGyver is a great show that provides plenty of action and entertainment, actual useful knowledge, and a positive role model who portrays good morals. He also was one of the most caring heroes on TV who took time to help others just because they needed help. He really had genuine compassion and kindness towards others. He shook his hand after punching someone. It really showed a human side to him, that it's okay to say "ow" when you hurt. He was definitely a cool hero and those are all the reasons why I still love watching MacGyver today.
Richard Dean Anderson is MacGyver

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