Peter Thornton / Dana Elcar

Peter Thornton
MacGyver's boss and best friend, Pete Thornton worked for many years as an operative of the Department of External Services. It was during this time that he met MacGyver while tracking the international assassin Murdoc. Seven years later, Pete took the position of Director of Operations at the Phoenix Foundation, which he now holds. Peter has a son named Michael from a previous marriage (to a lady named Connie). Their marriage ended twenty years ago, when Michael was very young. It ended, basically, becaused Peter cared too much about work and never gave Connie the attention that she deserved. Michael, in all fairness, grew up without really knowing his father. However, Pete ran to his and Connie's aid when they got kidnapped by a former DXS agent. Afterwards, Pete tried to make amends by letting Michael work alongside him at the Phoenix Foundation. Unfortunately, Michael's scarred past of growing up without Pete, tempted him to betray him. He got mixed up in a theft ring and hatched a plot to steal top-secret government blueprints from the Phoenix Foundation. After getting caught red-handed by both Pete and MacGyver, Michael was forced to expose the rest of the co-conspiritors. To this day, Pete and Michael are still trying to reconcile their differences.
Through the next couple of years, Pete begins to develop symptoms of glaucoma, a degeneration of the eyes that eventually leads to blindness. Pete underwent an eye operation (with his ex-wife, by his side) that did very little to aid his condition. He is now legally blind and needs a special computer to magnify printed text.
Peter Thornton, among many things, is a true friend. He is, perhaps, one of the most realistic characters of any television show. He has his problems (his temperment and a superior lack of patience) but when it comes down to it, his loyalty (to both his friends and job) and determination makes him quite a marvelous and extraordinary individual.

Dana Elcar Episodes:

Season 1
Pilot (Andy Colson)
The Enemy Within
To Be a Man
Ugly Duckling
A Prisoner of Conscience
The Assassin
Season 2
The Human Factor
The Eraser
Twice Stung
Final Approach
Jack of Lies
The Road Not Taken
Silent World
Three For The Road
Family Matter
Soft Touch
Out In The Cold
D.O.A. MacGyver
For Love Or Money

Season 3
Lost Love 1/2
Lost Love 2/2
Back From The Death
Ghost Ship
Fire and Ice
The Widowmaker
Blow Out
Kill Zone
Early Retirement
The Odd Triple
The Negotiator
Rock the Cradle
Murderer's Sky
Season 4
On a Wing and a Prayer
Collision Course
The Survivors
Deadly Dreams
Cleo Rocks
Fraternity of Thieves
The Battle of Tommy G.
Gold Rush
The Invisible Killer
Easy Target
Unfinished Business
Season 5
Legend of the Holy Rose 1/2
The Black Corsage
Cease Fire
Children of Light
Black Rhino
The Ten Percent Solution
Two Times Trouble
The Madonna
Live and Learn
Jenny's Chance
Deep Cover
Rush to Judgement
Season 6
The Gun
The Wall
Lesson in Evil
MacGyver's Women
High Control
Blind Faith
Strictly Business
Season 7
Good Knight MacGyver 1/2
Good Knight MacGyver 2/2
The Stringer

Dana Elcar
Dana Elcar portrays Pete Thornton on "Macgyver", A recurring guest-star when the one-hour series premiered in September, 1985, Elcar joined the permanent cast in 1986. As director of field operations for the Phoenix Foundation for Research, it is Thornton who assigns Macgyver the dangerous missions wich inspire Macgyver's unique scientific approach.
Born to Danish parents in 10 October 1927, Elcar was raised on a farm in Ferndale, Michigan where he and his siblings built a stage and recreated stories they heard on the radio. The young performer further developed his acting skills during his elementary and high school years, appearing in shool productions and competing in speech contests and debates.
Upon graduating from high shool, Elcar enlisted in the Navy. During his two years or service, he originated a play-reding group in Argentia, New Foundland. The asiring Actor then enrolled in the University of Michigan, Where he created the Inter-arts Union, A club in wich students produced plays, Poetry, Opera and Musical concerts. The Inter-Arts Union soon grew into the arts Theatre club, a Reggional theathre that brought 25 plays to the stage within two-and-a half- years.
The summers after his freshman and sophomore years in college, Elcar studied acting with Sandy Meisner at the Neighborhood playhouse in New York. After his sophomore year, He elected not to return to college and remainde in New York to gain practical Experience in his Craft. While working off-broadway he drove an ambulance for one year and a cab for five. Among the plays he did at this time were "our Town" and "play for Bleeker Street". Written by Thornton Wilder, for the circle in the Square, and Harlod Pinter's "Dumb Waiter" and "The Collection".
Dana Elcar has appeared in some 350-400 tv segments, specials and Movies of the week, and starred in two TV-series, as Colonel Land in "Black Sheep", With Robert Conrad, and as the Captain in "Baretta", with Robert Blake.
Dana is married and has four children and he is 75 years old and has been legally blind since 1991 due to glaucoma. He is very active in local theater in the S. CA town where he lives. Most recently he guest starred on an episode of "ER".Dana played a blind homeless person. The episode title was "Damage Is Done".