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Season 4 Quotes

"Well that would sound a lot more convincing if you weren't holding a human skull."
Penny Parker - The Secret of Parker House

"I mean crazy... loopy as a loon."
Sylvia - Secret of Parker House

"It never stops there. You got a gun, things happen. People die."
MacGyver - Blood Brothers

"Coming home is like reaching into a grab bag of memories. Some of them good, some of them not so good."
MacGyver - Blood Brothers

"My jeep went over a cliff. I died, and went to Thanksgiving."
MacGyver - The Outsiders

"I need a plane, I need a pilot. I need you, Jack."
MacGyver - On A Wing And A Prayer

"Hell of a way to go, huh? I always thought I'd drop dead at my desk, or on the 9th tee."
Pete - On A Wing And A Prayer

"Your slipknot's not slipping!"
MacGyver - On a Wing and a Prayer

"If you let yourself be afraid of dying, you're just gonna end up being afraid of living."
Charlie - Collision Course

"Actually, I've seen you do a lot more, with a lot less."
Pete - Collision Course

"I call it an obstacle course. Some of the others call it MacGyverland."
MacGyver - The Survivors

"Does this count towards my recertification, or do I have to go back to MacGyverland?"
Pete - The Survivors

"That one guy in there could put frost on a sunny day."
MacGyver - Deadly Dreams

"To solve his deadly riddle, you'll have to be intellectually superior, exceptionally persistent, and possess an abundance of ingenuity. Are you all of these things, Mr. MacGyver?"
Zito - Deadly Dreams

"Mothers, Sometimes they're more trouble than they're worth, ya know?"
Jack - Ma Dalton

"I was a little slow coming out of the esophagus."
Penny - Cleo Rocks

"Trust is such a worthless commodity. Now security... that's priceless."
Papion - Fraternity of Thieves

"A parent can only take so much responsibility."
MacGyver - Fraternity of Thieves

"The karma of any number that's not divisble by 2 or 5 just puts us into a cosmic tailspin, totally."
MacGyver - The Battle Of Tommy Giordano

"The wrong number really messes with my polarity."
Mary Ruth Giordano - The Battle of Tommy Giordano

"Every action has a reaction...you've got to believe that."
MacGyver - The Challenge

"It just goes to show you, you can't judge a book by it's color."
MacGyver - The Challenge

"Never could say no to a stray, could you MacGyver."
Cynthia - Runners

"I know about people who live on houseboats. They like to drift around."
Crystal - Runners

"That is what I always admired about you, how you never let go of something worthwhile."
Natalie to MacGyver - Gold Rush

"I think you shouldn't go Russian on me just yet. You know, heroic, fatalistic... Russian."
MacGyver - Gold Rush

"You tell me, what's a convict look like?"
Liz - The Invisible Killer

"Wow, and I thought my whistle was clever."
Liz - The Invisible Killer

"Dream nothin'; that was one-hundred-fifty proof nightmare."
Jack Dalton - Brainwashed

"From the bottom of my heart I salute you."
Trigger words - Brainwashed

"It was just me and the salmon, like a dream come true."
Pete - Brainwashed

"Why let a little thing like this ruin a perfectly good vacation."
MacGyver - Easy Target

"You gentlemen know how these work - pull the pin, release the handle and it explodes. Crude, but effective."
Johnathan - Easy Target

"Most people go out and work for a living instead of dragging their friends from one disaster to another."
MacGyver - Unfinished Business

"This is the thanks I get for cutting my friends in on a golden opportunity. Imagine my chagrin."
Jack Dalton - Unfinished Business