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Season 5 Quotes

"It's been waiting 800 years, I don't think another day is gonna matter."
MacGyver - Legend Of The Holy Rose

"If you want to get MacGyver's help, first you have to get his full and undivided attention."
Zoe - Legend Of The Holy Rose

MacGyver: "Just tell me what you want me to do!" Zoe Ryan: "Help me find the Holy Grail."
MacGyver: "Indiana Jones already did that. I saw the movie."
Legend of the Holy Rose

"Thats the ugliest dang dog I've ever seen"
Frank Colton - Black Corsage

"Everybody used to say the world was flat, too."
MacGyver - Cease Fire

"You can do anything you wanna do if you put your mind to it."
MacGyver - Cease Fire

"If you've got something to say, you should say it. Otherwise, it's just gonna tear you up inside."
MacGyver - Cease Fire

"My mother always taught me never to carry a picture of Andrew Jackson in my wallet."
Jessie Colton - Second Chance

"Almost as good as me; and deadly as she is beautiful."
Murdoc - Halloween Knights

"Murdoc, if this is another one of your games, let's get on with it."
MacGyver - Halloween Knights

"You know I'm not real big on doing favors for professional killers."
MacGyver - Halloween Knights

"Happy Halloween, MacGyver. Trick or Treat."
Murdoc - Halloween Knights

"I'm so sorry about your friend. He must have been a very special person."
Ashton - Halloween Knights

"Greetings from the grave, MacGyver."
Murdoc - Halloween Knights

"I may be reformed, but I'm not crazy."
Murdoc - Halloween Knights

"Don't worry, MacGyver, you'll see me again. Just keep looking over your shoulder."
Murdoc - Halloween Knights

"Y'know, MacGyver, that's why you're so hard to beat. Nobody knows what you're going to do next, including you."
Murdoc - Halloween Knights

"It's perfectly harmless, trust me."
Murdoc - Halloween Knights

"You're gonna have to trust me on this."
MacGyver - Children of Light

"This might sound ridiculous, but hang on!"
MacGyver - Children of Light

"Changing your name you can do - but changing who you are, this you can never do."
Sam - Ten Percent Solution

"This Christmas stuff gets a little sappy after awhile."
MacGyver - The Madonna

"I think Santa's giving me a hernia for Christmas."
Pete - The Madonna

"Trust me. I know about this stuff."
MacGyver - The Madonna

"Oh boy, you call yourself a Santa?" "No, I call myself employed."
Pete & the Charity Santa - The Madonna

"Love. It sure does affect productivity."
Pete - Deep Cover

"Man, I'm so hungry I could almost eat health food."
Wilt - The Lost Amadeus

"Love is not some bill to be payed on holidays and weekends, Bud. You wanna show someone you care, you do it when they're not around, like living up to the example they set."
Harry - Passages

"Death's not so scary. I don't think it's the end of anything. It's just another step along the way."
MacGyver - Passages