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Dorothy Lee,

Wheeler and Woolsey



Dorothy Lee,
Bert Wheeler and Robert Woolsey were humorous and acclaimed comedians in the 1930's.

Dorothy Lee was not only a beauty,
but her talent and jovial personality became an integral part to the talented

Bert Wheeler chose Dorothy to be his leading lady, searching diligently until he located her in
Fred Waring's stage production, Hello Yourself;
thus forming the memorable trio of Wheeler, Woolsey and Lee.

The trio got along beautifully, and
shared a unique chemistry that is clearly visible in their 13 feature films together.

Wheeler and Woolsey did turn out some good films sans Lee,
but they knew the films were lacking the chemistry they had when Dorothy was with them.

Thanks to home video and TCM, their merry-making wise cracks,
zany and romantic songs/dances
will be remembered and enjoyed by old and new audiences; also by
those who have yet to discover them!

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