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In 793 the Viking era started whith the plundering of the english convent "Lindisfarne".

850-ish Lothar son of Louis the Pionus, gave the island Walcheren to Harald & Rorik (dk). For protection against his brothers (Charles the Bald and Louis the German) and other Vikings.

In 878 vikings were "given" Danelagen [Danelaw, also a law] in the northestern parts of England.

In 911 the viking "Ganga-Hrolf/Rollo" (Norwegian working for Danes) was "given" Normandie in France, which is named after the Vikings / men from the north. Normandy was given by Chalrles the Simple for protection.

About 1000 Leif Eriksson discovered Vinland, 39000 years after the native americans.

In 1003 Skandinavian Vikings joined "Svein Forkbeard" and in 1013 they conquered England.

1012 Thorkel the Tall worked for king AEthelred (protecting London from Svein Forkbeard), they had to flee to Normandie

1014 Svein died his son Knut had to leave for Denmark when AEthelred returned.

1017 England was ruled by "Knut the Great", son of "Svein Forkbeard", then by his son "Harde-Knut" until 1042 when "Harde-Knut" died. (then the english royals took over with Edward the Confessor).

1066 26 sept. King Harald of England beat the invading norwegian king "Harald Hardradi" at Stamford Bridge.

1066 14 okt. King Harald was beaten by "William the Conqueror" in the famous battle of Hastings (a gigantic family feud). William was a Normandic duke descendant of "Rollo".

Raids and Attacks:

  • 789 - The first Viking attack on England.
  • 793 - Vikings attacks the monastery at Lindisfarne.
  • 794 - Vikings attacks the monastery at Yarrow, but fails.
  • 795 - Vikings approaches the Irish sea and attacks on Ireland starts.
  • 797 - Vikings attacks Lambay, Ireland.
  • 798 - Vikings attacks Isle of Man (according to Ulster annals, but perhaps not correct).
  • 798 - Vikings attacks on France (before 800) begins.
  • 800 - Skiringsal and Birka trade centers are founded (approximately).
  • 802 - Vikings attacks the monastery at the holly Columbas on the isle Iona of the Hebrides.
  • 805 - Vikings attacks the monastery at the holly Columbas for the second time.
  • 813 - The magnificent Oseberg ship is built (dated by dendrochronology).
  • 820 - Vikings conquers the Isle of Man and establishes permanently.
  • 820 - Vikings attacks Flanders and approches the moth of river Seine.
  • 834 - The Oseberg ship is mounded (dated by dendrochronology).
  • 834 - Vikings approaches the river Thames, England.
  • 839 - Turgeis (Torgisl) and a big Viking fleet conquers Ireland and settles permanently.
  • 841 - Vikings under the leadership of Turgeis founds Dublin, Ireland.
  • 841 - Vikings burns Lillebonne, Caudebec and Rouen and destroys the abbeys of Jumieges and St Wandrille.
  • 843 - Vikings of Vestfold establishes a power base at the isle Noirmountier (Loire) and raids Nates.
  • 844 - A Viking raid on Seville is repulsed.
  • 844 - Turgeis is killed by the Irish, drowned in Loch Nair.
  • 845 - Viking chieftain Ragnar Lodbrok attacks Paris along a big fleet.
  • 853 - Olaf the White conquers Ireland along a big Viking fleet.
  • 857 - Vikings raids Paris again.
  • 858 - Vikings captures the abbot of St Denis and claims ransome.
  • 859 - Vikings raids in the Mediterranean for the first time.
  • 860 - Rus (Sweds) Vikings attacks Constantinople (Istanbul).
  • 861- The third big attack on Paris by Vikings.
  • 862 - Novgorod in Russia is founded by the Rus Viking, Ulrich.
  • 863 - Xanten demolished by Vikings.
  • 866 - Danish Vikings establishes the kingdom of York, England.
  • 870 - Harold Luva (Fairhair) starts his effort to gain full control in Norway.
  • 871 - Alfred the Great becomes king of Wessex; the Danish advance is halted in England.
  • 871 - Olaf the White returns to Norway, his brother Ivarr becoms ruler of Ireland.
  • 874 - Ivarr the Boneless dies, his sons continues attacks on north-eastern England.
  • 879 - Rurik establishes Kiev as power center of the Kievan Rus' domains.
  • 885 - A huge fleet of Viking ships attacks Paris, but fails in conquering the city.
  • 885 - Harald (Luva) Fairhair finally unites Norway as one kingdom, first in Scandinavia.
  • 886 - Alfred and the Danes splits England under the Danelaw pact.
  • 890 - The Gokstad ship is built (dated by dendrochronology).
  • 891 - The Vikings at Noirmountier (France) is finally beaten.
  • 894 - Turf-Einar, son of Rognwald and half brother of Rollo, becomes earl of Orkney.
  • 900 - Vikings raids in the Mediterranean again.
  • 902 - The Irish regains Dublin from the Vikings, and rules for fifteen years.
  • 911 - The Viking chieftain Rollo is granted land by the Frankish king and founds the Duchy of Normandy.
  • 917 - Vikings defeats Dublin by military power and regains the throne.
  • 928 - Kings Æthelstan and Harald Fairhair joins in a treaty to gain control of the Norse Vikings.
  • 930 - The first democracy (Alltinget) of the world is founded at Thingvellir, Iceland, by Vikings.
  • 940 - Harald Fairhair dies and his son Eirik Blood-axe struggle to gain full control of Norway, but fails.
  • 941 - Rus Vikings attacks Constantinople (Istanbul).
  • 947 - Eirik Blood-axe, son of Fairhair, gains control of York.
  • 949 - Olaf Crovan defeats Eirik Blood-axe, who flees.
  • 950 - Eirik Blood-axe regains control of York.
  • 954 - Eirik Blood-axe killed at the Battle of Stainmore in York, Vikings defeated by King Edmund.
  • 974 - Emperor Otto II of Germany attacks Denmark, but fails because of Norwegian help.
  • 976 - Maccus Haraldsson, first known king of Man, dies, his brother Gudrød approaches throne.
  • 976 - Angelsey (coast of Wales) is included to the Norse kingdom of Man.
  • 980 - Vikings starts regular attacks to gain control of England.
  • 984 - Viking leader Erik the Red discovers Greenland and starts settling.
  • 985 - The Jomsvikings attacks Norway, lead by Earl Sigvalde, but is firmly defeated at Hjørungavåg.
  • 986 - Viking ships sails in Newfoundland waters.
  • 991 - Viking chieftain Olaf Tryggvasson, along 93 ships, defeats Byrhtnoth at Maldon (August).
  • 991 - Æthelred II pays, the first Danegeld ransom, off £10,000 in silver to stop Viking attck on London.
  • 994 - Æthelred II pays off £16,000 in silver to stop Viking attcks on London.
  • 995 - Olaf Tryggvasson conquers Norway and proclaims a Christian kingdom.
  • 999 - Christianity reaches Greenland and Iceland by powers of Olaf Tryggvasson.
  • 1000 - Leif Eriksson, son of Erik the Red, explores the coast of North America.
  • 1000 - Olaf Tryggvasson dies in the Battle of Svolder (coast of Vendland); Norway ruled by Danes.
  • 1002 - Brian Boru defeats the Norse Vikings and becomes king of all Ireland.
  • 1009 - Viking chieftain Olaf Haraldsson (St. Olav) attacks London by river and destroys London Bridge.
  • 1010 - Viking explorer Thorfinn Karlsefni attempts to found a settlement in North America.
  • 1013 - Danes, helped by Olaf Haraldson, conquers England; Æthelred flees to Normandy.
  • 1014 - The Vikings of Ireland are finally defeated in the Battle of Clontarf, but Brian Boru is killed.
  • 1015 - Vikings abandons the Vinland settlements at the coast of North America.
  • 1016 - Olaf Haraldsson regains Norway from the Danes; Christianity approaches Norway.
  • 1016 - Danes, under Canute the Great, gains full control over England.
  • 1018 - The coronation of Canute the Great, as King of England.
  • 1026 - Kings Anund Jakob (Sweden) and Olaf Haraldsson (Norway) attacks Denmark, but fails.
  • 1028 - Knut (Canute), king of England and Denmark, conquers Norway and Olaf flees.
  • 1030 - Olaf Haraldsson returns to regain Norway, but is killed at Stiklestad.
  • 1031 - Olaf Haraldsson becomes officially proclaimed a Saint, by Bishop Grimkel (August 3rd).
  • 1035 - Canute the Great dies, Magnus, son of St Olaf, expels the Danes from Norway and regains the kingdom.
  • 1042 - Edward the Confessor rules England, supported by Danes.
  • 1042 - Magnus, king of Norway, becomes king of Denmark.
  • 1045 - Magnus grants Harald Hardraada half of Norway, as a co-king.
  • 1047 - Magnus, king of Norway & Denmark, dies; Hardraada sovereign king of Norway; Claims Denmark as well.
  • 1047 - Svend Estridsson gains control of the Danish throne, but Hardraada won't give up his claim.
  • 1049 - Hardraada founds Oslo, Norway.
  • 1050 - Hardraade raids Haithabu.
  • 1062 - Hardraada defeats Svend Estridsson at the Battle of Nissen, but fails to gain control of Denmark.
  • 1064 - Hardraada gives up Denmark and recognizes Svend Estridsson as legal heir to the throne.
  • 1066 - Harold Godwinson defeats Harald Hardraada, who dies in the Battle of Stamford Bridge (Sep 25th).
  • 1066 - William, Duke of Normandy, defeats Saxon king Harold in the Battle of Hastings (Oct 14th).
  • 1072 - Vikings conquers Palermo.
  • 1085 - Danish Vikings makes a final attempt to conquer England but fails.


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