Spencer Quotes and Anecdotes

Spencer Quotes and Anecdotes

The following are quotes and anecdotes concerning the Spencers and the actors who portray them that I have acquired from the various soap magazines as well as from "The General Hospital Complete Scrapbook"

"I loved dancing the tango at the 1994 Nurses Ball Talent Show. I thought I'd be dancing with Brad Maule (Tony) but the writers revved up the passion by pairing me with Leigh McCloskey, my lover Damian. During dress rehearsal, for a goof, Leigh and Brad ran into each others arms instead!"
- Jacklyn Zeman (Bobbie) (Re: Back stage antics)

"Tony Geary makes really funny observations that crack me up. One day, right before taping, he said something that dropped me to me knees. The dog, Foster was also in the scene, and during the break, the dog was, to put it delicately, cleaning himself. Tony said to me, "Can you imagine if we could do that? We would never leave the house." I could not stop laughing. That was one of the funniest things I ever heard."
- Joseph C. Phillips (Justus) (Re: Back stage antics)

"My favorite scene on the show was when I came out of a cake the night before Luke's wedding, bumping and grinding to the song "Anything Goes." I said to the costume director, "I am not putting this old bod into a bikini for anybody, so you just think of something else for me to wear, thank you." So, they gave me a bright red leotard, with five-inch heel shoes and a red feather boa. It was very funny!"
- Norma Connolly (Ruby) (Re: Back stage antics)

"When I first began on General Hospital, Genie Francis, who plays Laura, clued me in on what to expect as a child actor on a soap. She wasn't much older than I am now when she first joined the show. Genie warned me that studying wth a teacher on the set is a lot more lonely than in a normal school. And maybe the studying part is, but I've made too many friends at the studio to be lonely!"
- Jonathan Jackson (Lucky) (Re: First days on the set)

"As hard-working Ruby, I'm always at my restaurant, Kelly's, because the set that I used to go home to years ago is history! Oh, how I loved padding around that little apartment in my red fluffy slippers and bathrobe, which was a man's robe that must have been hanging in wardrobe for about 40 years. One look at it, and I knew it was Ruby, and I miss it!"
- Norma Connolly (Ruby) (Re: The good old days)

"When I auditioned, I didn't even know that Luke and Laura were daytime's most famous couple ever! When people heard who I was playing, they were like "Wow! You're Luke and Laura's son!" I had to bone up on my soap opera history pretty fast!"
- Jonathan Jackson (Lucky) (Re: Getting the role of Lucky)

"When I auditioned for the part, Bobbie was a little vixen. I got the role because the producer had liked my work as bad girl Lana McClain on One Life to Live. There was only one hitch - I had to lose ten pounds, but I was glad to do it. One Life to Live had asked me to gain fifteen pounds to play Lana!"
- Jacklyn Zeman (Bobbie) (Re: Getting the role of Bobbie)

"I've got the coolest dog in Port Charles - Foster! But acting with a dog isn't easy. Once, in a pretty heavy scene with Tony Geary, who plays my dad Luke, I put a glass of milk down on the table. Before we knew it, Foster was lapping away at it! I don't know how we managed to finish the scene without cracking up, but we did. Though, believe me, I never would have finished that glass of milk!"
- Jonathan Jackson (Lucky) (Re: Working with animals)

"My character Bobbie always had a soft spot in her heart for Scotty. In fact, when I first started on the show Bobbie did everything she could to win Scotty for herself. But when the writers tried to pair us up in 1988, it didn't work out again. Kin Shriner, who played Scotty, and I were such good pals in real life that whenever we looked at each other romantically, we'd crack up!"
- Jacklyn Zeman (Bobbie) (Re: Working with Kin Shriner)

"On a plane once, a fellow passenger saw me and cooed, "I know you, you're Aunt Ruby!" But I knew her, too...she was Julie Andrews!"
- Norma Connolly (Ruby) (Re: Her fans)

"I was in a very crowded restaurant, and a woman screams to me from across the room, "I can't stand it! I have to know. Are you going to have the baby or not?"
- Denise Alexander (Lesley) (Re: Her fans)

"[In the old days], I did my bed stuff nude if the actress didn't mind. And very few of them did."
- Anthony Geary (Luke) (Re: Love scenes)

"I'm the only actress in Hollywood who has an unlifted face and tells her real age."
- Norma Connolly (Ruby) (Re: Vanity) FYI - She's 68.

"I feel that many of the people that I know and work with are people that I've known in past lives. Jackie Zeman (Bobbie) and I have known each other before, and we both know it was in France."
- Anthony Geary (Luke) (Re: Strange things)

"When Laura pulled Luke out of the harbour" - setting the stage for the couple's runaway adventure - "it was [unusual that] a story like that was told on daytime, we were the first ones to do that and, for my money, it's never been equaled."
- Anthony Geary (Luke) (Re: Luke & Laura adventure)

"Tony's the brightest guy I know! He speaks a couple of language and he's very well travelled."
- Sean Kanan (ex-A. J.) (Re: Tony Geary)

"Luke could be as relevant in the 21st century as he would have been in the 17th. He's a romanticist, a cavalier of the classic order."
- Anthony Geary (Luke) (Re: His character)

"Having no children or ex-wives to support, I'm able to lavish my money and attention on myself, which is one of the reasons you find me as happy and content as I am today."
- Anthony Geary (Luke) (Re: Happiness)

"Sarah Brown is a sweetie to work with. She's a good actress. She's gutsy and she comes in and she knows her lines. She's just terrific. Sometimes I forget how young she is, because she truly walked right in and took the territory and was able to hold her own with people who've been here for so many years. To be able to pull that off [for someone who had never been on a show], I really give the woman a lot of credit. She's done great."
- Jacklyn Zeman (Bobbie) (Re: Sarah Brown who portrays Carly)

"Lynn is one of the classiest ladies I've ever met. Very down-to-earth, very home-spun with her kids and her family, and just such a huge heart. She's a beautiful person."
- Sarah Brown (Carly) (Re: Lynn Herring who portrays Lucy)

"[Maurice is] wonderful; I love him. I'll say it unequivocally, he was my vote for the Emmy last year, just as Brad [Maule, Tony] was the year before." - Anthony Geary (Luke) (Re: Maurice Benard who portrays Sonny)

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