Richie Sambora

Richie Sambora is one of music's most talented and respected songwriters, singers lead guitarists and producers. Sambora has been a member of Bon Jovi since the band's inception in 1983, he has toured the world several times over and has collected sixty-eight gold and platinum albums from around the world. Richie's desire to expand and explore diverse avenues of music promises longevity as an artist, songwriter and producer well into the '90's and beyond.

Richie was born Richard Stephen Sambora on July 11th 1959 in Perth, Amboy NJ. He's nicknames are Rich, Richie, The King Of Swing, Sambo or Mook to his family and close friends. Richie is 1.86m tall. Other Information: Richie is colour blind to red, green and brown, he has a small tattoo of a star on his hand which he got during the Slippery era, a tattoo on his right arm of the SAM-1 guitar with ‘Who Dares Wins’ written on it which he had done between Slippery and New Jersey and a cross with roses tattoo and ‘God/Faith’ on his left arm which he got around the time of Stranger. Sambora is a Polish name. Richie has a very quiet character.

Family: Parents Adam and Joan, Richie has one brother, John who is married to Ann. Girlfriends: Richie has had a few girlfriends over the years, Tracy Seylaz, Bekka Bramlett, Lehua, Ally Sheedy, Cher (Richie 1990 ‘We’re getting to know each other better and things are fine.’) Heather Locklear.
   Wife: Heather Deen Locklear, Heather was born on September 25th 1961. Richie and Heather were married in Paris on December 15th 1994, they were introduced by an ex-girlfriend of Richie’s. Heather’s parents are Bill and Diane. Heather and Richie's first child, Ava Elizabeth Sambora was born on Saturday October 4th 1997, Ava weighed 6lb 6oz. Residence: Richie lived at his mum’s old house in Woodbridge NJ in early 1986. Now he lives in Rumson, NJ, right on the beach.. But because of Heather’s acting commitments they aren’t there very often. He and Heather also have a house in a gated community in California.

Past: Richie went to Woodbridge High School where he was senior - president and in the school band, he was also involved in basketball, baseball and football. In college he majored in psychology. Instruments: Richie plays guitar, piano, bass, accordion, trumpet, saxophone, drums and he is also a songwriter. Musical Career: Richie’s bands before Bon Jovi were, Rebel, Mercy, Duke Williams and the Extremes, The Message (with Alec), Richie Sambora and Friends, and The Next. Richie stared in ‘Saturday Night Fever - Staying Alive’ as a member of a band in a scene in a bar or a disco. He designed a guitar, the SAM-1 for Kramer. In 1991 Richie released his first solo-album ‘Stranger In This Town’. Richie did a Michalob beer commercial, the song ‘One Light Burning’ was used s Richie leaned against a lamppost playing guitar. In November 1996 he founded his own label “Mutiny’ on which he releases his work, as well as that of aspiring young Musicians - ‘I want my label to give artists a foundation and some professional stability’. October 21st 1996 he released and Instructional CD-ROM ‘Classic Rock Guitar, Volume 1 and started work on a second solo album with Eric Clapton and Randy Jackson. Business: Started The Underground Publishing Company with Jon to which Skid Row and Aldo Nova were signed. The company has since broken up. Favourites: Richie likes listening to grunge and Seattle music but he doesn’t like Rap music. The first concert he went to was Deep Purple. Habits: Richie did have an alcohol and drug problem in 1988/89 but not any more. Richie enjoys collecting guitars, he now owns about 80. He like sports, football, basketball, boating, jetskiing, baseball. He has a dog named Gus. Richie wears a crucifix ring on his finger that was given to him by his mother to let him know that God is always with him and to keep the faith.

FOX approached Richie to do a couple of songs for 'SweepsWeek' in America for both Beverly Hills 90210 and Party Of Five.(I doubt that we will be hearing them here though) One of the songs used is 'Falling From Graceland'. To see the FOX Party Of Five promo in Real Video, check out David's Australian Party Of Five Page It's a great place if you're a Party Of Five fan!


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