Hugh McDonald

Hugh McDonald, as he as born. He is known as Huey to his friends. Married his wife Nancy in September 1996, Hugh and Nancy have been together since 1982, so far they donít have any children. Past: Originally Hugh is from Philadelphia, he lived in the Cambridge (Boston area) for 6 years, he moved to New York a couple of years ago to be closer to his work and girl-friend. Instrument: Bass guitar. Musical Career: Hugh played with Tico on one of his bands before Bon Jovi, up until joining the group he had been mainly a studio musician, working for a lot of artists, including, Cher, Alice Cooper and Michael Bolton. It was Tico who suggested Bon Jovi use him as a bass player after Alec left.

Alec John Such

Alec John Such was born on November 14th 1951 in Perth, Amboy, NJ. Alec is 1.75m tall and has a very outgoing character. Family: Mother, Helen, brother Kenneth and sister Dianne. Alec is divorced from his first wife. He currently lives in Colts Neck, NJ. Past: Alec went to Rahway Junior High School. He was also accepted to NJ All-State Orchestra for the 14th chair, 1st violin section. Alec attended Perth Amboy High School. Instrument: Bass guitar. Musical Career: Alecís mum taught him to play the violin, his first bands were, The Cellar Dwellers, different neighbourhood rock groups, Phantomís Opera (with Tico), The Message (with Richie). Favourites: Alec likes listening to AC/DC, Judas Priest, Led Zeppelin. Alec can talk Puerto Rican Chicano-Slang. Hobbies: Alec likes horses, motorcycles, he collects guns.

** Alec John Such left Bon Jovi in November 1994. Since then he has managed a number of local Jersey bands and he also owns a bike shop. Alec had a motorcycle accident in September 1996.

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