Sage/Seiji of the Halo

Name: Sage/Seiji Date

Birthday: June 9, 1973

Birth Sign: Gemini

Height: 5'7"

Weight: 127 lbs

Hair Color: Sandy-Blond

Eye Color: Light Blue

Element: Spirit

Attribute: Wisdom

Armor: Armor of the Halo

Weapons: Nodachi (Battle Sword)

Sage is extremely intelligent like Rowen, but that is where the similarity ends between them.  Sage is very outgoing and almost always cares about how he looks.  While his isn't eactly stuck-up, he is the most socially elite of the Ronins. Sage is an amazing fighter and is perhaps one of the best of the Ronins. He is very dedicated to destroying Talpa and his minions.

My Opinion:
Sage... He is my second favorite Ronin!! He is sooooo cute...no handsome!! I love his eyes (even though you can only see one most of the time..) He is really nice and a very good fighter.. I wouldn't mind being a good friend of his, or even more....... -_^

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