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Starring: Prashanth,Isha Gopikar and Kasturi

Though the film has come out very well, one cannot eliminate the feeling that the film resembles KADHAL KOTTAI almost everywhere. Agathiyan switched of his think tank and has made another file copy of KADHAL KOTTAI. Prashanth is a rich young lad who does not get any peace in his house bcos of his mother(Ambika) who keeps fighting with everyone. Prashanth and Charlie(driver cum friend) go to Delhi where they meet Isha Gopikar. Every time they meet they end up with a fight. Soon, Prashanth goes for a Europe tour, where he writes a poem and places it along with a boquet in Diana's Memorial. Isha who comes there on a cultural trip, reads the poem and replies to it along with another boquet, not knowing that the previous poem was written by Prashanth. Soon they start loving each other (Paakamaley Kadhal). Before they could identify each other, they had to leave London. When they return, Prashanth tries to find his lady love. Meanwhile, Isha identifies Prashanth and sends him a poem/letter stating that she is the person whom he is in love with. Prashanth not knowing that Isha is his love, tears the poem without reading it. This goes on like KADHAL KOTTAI but is interesting. Kasturi has acted as a seductive secretary to Prashanth. Kasturi- "hmmmmmmmmmmm enakillai, enakillai" especially the song "Thakthom Thaka Thimi Thomthom "....pettai. Illayaraja is omnipresent, antha songs enna, antha bgm enna, antha humming enna, Raja Rajathan. A pat in the back of the cinematographer.

Starring: Prakashraj, Eashwari Rao and Kushbu

The film was this years surprise hit. Director Manojkumar (sishian of Barathiraja) has taken this ordinary story and taking into account the taste of our audience has mixed in right proportion elements like comedy, thrill and sentiment. The movie involves a lot of suspense elements and I dont want to break them while trying to review the story line. Prakashraj has acted well especially in the scene where he loses his hall ticket and the scene where Anju Aravind reads the letter written by Prakashraj to her father. Manivannan asusual. There was a lot of disappointment for all the fans who went for the movie to see Eashwari Rao (after seeing her bathing photo in Anandha Vikatan)..... Censor has once again played a spoil sport. The film is doing well in all centers inspite a Deva doing the necessary damage.

Starring:Rajkiran, Revathi and Adhiyaman

A nice family story but a flop. Rajkiran is a village head. His wife, Revathi, gives birth to a child which dies immediately. Meanwhile, Bhanupriya who is raped by the villain gives birth to a male child and Rajkiran replaces the the dead child with the live one. The secret is known only to Rajkiran, Bhanupriya and Radharavi (Revathi's brother) who overhears Bhanupriya talking to Rajkiran. Radharavi thinks that the child is born to Rajkiran and Bhanu. The child is Adhiyaman. The story moves on slowly until the day when Revathi asks Radharavi for his daughter to get married to her son. Radharavi tells her that she is not the mother of the child. Revathi and Rajkiran split. Finally, the villain is forced to tell the truth and the family unites. The story may not be so special but the characterisation and acting is Zer Gut!!. For once, Illayaraja not so impressive except for the the background score where he proves he is indeed a Maestro.

Starring: Karthik,Kousalya and Heera

I loved this film. The movie starts off very slowly and soon we will realize that it is a strong base which was being laid. Karthik is in love with Heera but with Heera the vice versa is not true. Kousalya is in love with Abbas. Kousalya's father, Radharavi is against love marriages. Kousalya, calls up Radharavi to tell him about her love with Abbas, but fearing that he will seperate them, tells him that she has already married Abbas. Unfortunately, Abbas dies in an accident. A dejected Kousalya meets her college friend Karthik and due to an unavoidable circumstance is forced to act as her husband. Now Radharavi wants to see his daughter and son-in-law. Kousalya wants to live in the memory of Abbas and so asks Karthik to act as her husband for sometime while she is in her father's village. While in village, Kousalya slowly starts liking Karthik and Karthik gets drawn towards Kous. Enter....Heera, who now realizes Karthik's love and the triangle is established. What next?!!! Karthik, Kousalya, Radharavi, Manorama and Heera compete with each other to give their best performance. Bharadwaj (music director of KADHAL MANNAN) has rendered some melodious numbers. The film is produced by Balachander's Kavithalaya banner. It is doing well in A & B centers and is average in C center.

Starring: Parthiban, Roja, Devayani and Priyaraman

Parthiban pettai kalakkal. In the first scene, he appears like a mad man (badly dressed with a long beard) and says that his ambition is to become the Chief Minister of the state. He goes on to become an MLA, support a minority govenment to become a minister and finally introduces a crisis to the CM and becomes the Chief Minister. Parths plays a dynamic role, lifting the movie on his shoulders without losing his originality. There are a lot of Parthiban trademark scenes which would make you clap your hands at a subconsious level. Parthiban plays the role model CM with ease and finally quits politics handing over the post to a good politician, 'Delhi' Ganesh. Devayani (as ex-lady love), Roja (a prostitute whom Parths will marry) and Priyaraman (introduced just for a glamour song) have no major role to play. The three heroines slow down the otherwise fast film. Priyaraman is bayangara 'Free'yaraman in one song. Debutant director, Jeeva has done a really good job. Deva---- No Comments.

Starring: Prabhu and Devayani

From a totally different start, the movie takes an ordinary course and soon tests the patience of the audience. Prabhu looks like a 'Papa' Bear and would soon be rejected by his fans if he does not try and reduce his weight. It is indeed a bold start. The heroine, Devayani is raped by someone within the first 15 minutes from the start. Her family drives her away and 'saviour' Prabhu takes her to his house. Apparam enna, the hero falls in love with the heroine and they finally marry and live happily ever after. Ethellam oru pudhumaiyana kathai.....thalai ezuthu. Whenver Devayani is there the directors make sure that they have another heroine for glamour. Maheshwari fulfills the directors expectations. Goundamani and Senthil exist and their impact is not felt.

Starring: Sarathkumar, Kushbu and Vineeth.
Director:'Erode' Sounder

How many CHINNA GOUNDERs ? How many YEJAMAANs? How many NAATAMAIs? One set of fools keep talking about Viagra, Nuclear tests, Recession, VRML,etc. but we use our innovation to promote 8 patti rasa into a 16 patti thalaivar. Sarath and Kushbu come to a village. Sarath stops a caste fight and immediately he becomes the head of 16 patti villages. Anandraj the villain values casteism more than anything else. He is dead against Naatamai..sorry Sarathkumar. It so happens that Sarath's son Vineeth joins Anandraj after a small fight with Sarath. Finally, Sarath kills Anandraj and.....Ven Thirayil Kaanga. Kanaga's character is a total waste. Sarath does a 'Rudra Thandavam' dance in the climax.....Eashwara!!! Producer. R.B.Choudry and director Sounder should be warned not to take movies like this. S.A.Rajkumar is very ordinary except for the climax song which would go well with the masses.


Starring: Karthik, Roja, Ajeeth
Music: S.A.Rajkumar
Director: Vikraman

Another super hit from Vikraman. Roja is an illegitimate child of Mouli. When Roja's mother dies, Mouli brings her home and tells his wife that she is his friend's daughter. Roja is treated like a servant by Mouli's wife. Karthik and Ramesh Kanna (Ramesh is directing the film THODARUM) are petty thieves who break into Roja's house. Roja locks them in a room and since the others in the house had gone for a pilgrimage, she keeps them in house arrest for 3 days. During this time Karthik falls in love with her and reforms. Later when due to a family fight, Roja is driven out of the house, Karthik gives her shelter and makes a big playback singer. Now, Mouli and family join Roja and soon drive Karthik out of the house. Roja is about to get married to Ajeeth (Mouli's nephew) and then the climax. The songs are too good, especially "Etho oru pattu" which would ring in your ears, even after you come out of the movie hall. The innovation in this movie is that all the songs have a little bit of "Etho oru paatu" tune. With this film Vikraman has struck a hat-trick success (POOVE UNAKKAGA, SURYAVAMSAM and U E K).

Starring: Ajeeth, Richa

Nothing much to say about this movie except...."For heaven's sake, don't watch it". This is the most foolish movie released this year and I still repent why I saw it inspite of sufficient warning from my friends.


Murali, Rambha and Nasser

Believe me! I was expecting an art film but not such an artistic film. It happens to anyone when you see a movie which starts with a village without electricity, no proper roads, no water, no hospital, etc. I thought this is going to be another THANEER THANEER, when Murali, Ranjith and two other youth decide to kidnap the Chief Minister, Nasser. The plan: Kidnap the CM and his family to the village, make them realize how much hardship the village is facing and after some days release them and hope for a change. The plan is approved by Vijayakumar and Nagesh (freedom fighters whom the village respects a lot). The four youth kidnap Nasser, his wife, His daughter (Ramba) and his son and make it look as if the CM and family where killed by crocodiles while they were taking a boat trip. Now they shave Nassers head and bring them to the village. Even the villagers dont know that it is their CM. They make the CM and family to work for their living and soon make them realize there are so many villages in the state even without the basic requirements. Meanwhile, Anandaraj would be selected as the temperory CM and would be about to get sworn in. The youth take Nasser back to Chennai. Anandaraj comes to know that the CM is alive but does not wish to leave his chances to sit in the CM's seat. The movie is a real thriller with a lot of message. WOW!!!! Illayaraj's background score and the 'Vizhipunarchi' songs (rendered by Pushpavanam Kuppuswamy) are tooooooo good. Cheran has given a totally different movie but unfortunately the movie did not do well at the box office (it however, had a good colection in B Centres).


Starring: Sarathkumar, Simran and Vijayakumar.
Music: Deva
Director: K.S.Ravikumar

K.S.Ravikumar indeed knows how to make an ordinary story into a hit film. Sarathkumar is Vijayakumar's faithful worker. Vijayakumar considers him as a friend. One day, when Vijayakumar's wife is killed by his son-in law, Sarath takes the blame and goes to the Jail. Sarath's son (dual role by Sarath) is brought up by Vijkayakumar. Simran(Vijayakumar's second daughter) acts as if she is in love with junior Sarath just to take revenge on him (she thinks that her mother is killed by senior Sarath). Simran sends Sarath out of the house. Meanwhile the family has a lot of problems from villain and how Sarath saves the family forms the rest of the story. Ravikumar's screenplay has an important role to play in the film's success. The film revolves around Sarath and Vijayakumar and in that process, they haven't done justice to the 100 Crore Simran fans around the world (Nan mattum illana it would have become 99,99,99,999). "Meesai Kaara Nanbaa, Unakku Rosham Athigamda....Athaivida Paasam Athigamda", yup, you guessed it, another kaivannam of Deva. One song "Karuda Karuda" is an absolute copy of Suprabaratham. Thirunthavey matarunu nenaikiren.

Starring: Pandiyarajan and Mayuri

A good comedy movie. Pandiyarajan is 'Kumbakkonam Gopalu' who is a master in cheating people. He marries Mayuri. One day, he happens to read the diary of Sangeetha, who dies in a hospital. He learns that she had acted as the wife of a rich man's son. Thyagu has sex with a girl when he is drunk and mistook it for Sangeetha. Janakaraj is Sangeetha's boss and he too believes that he had slept with Sangeetha but actually it was her friend. Now, Pandiyarajan, acts as if he is the brother of dead Sangeetha and that she had given birth to a child. He makes the rich man, Thyagu and Janakaraj believe that he is having their heir. Each one send him a lot of money for bringing up the child. One day when they decide to come down and see the child, Pandiyarajan finds himself in a soup. He brings a child from an orphanage and tries to manage with him. The remaining segment of the movie is full comedy. Master Mahendran who has acted as the orphan child has given an excellent performance. Mayuri pettai in one song.Illayaraja's presence is felt only in one song.


Starring: Prashanth, Karan and Simran

Another Love Story but this time the hero is ready to sacrifice his love for the sake of friendship. Last years 100 day film. Prashanth and Karan are friends. Karan's elder sister falls in love with Karan's friend and marries him and this affects his family a lot. Soon Prashanth falls in love with Simran without knowing that she is Karan's sister. When he realizes who she is, he immediately tries to sacrifice his love, Simran attempts suicide and Karan comes to know of it. NATPAA? KAADHALA ? is the theme and the director has solved it beautifully. Simran....thalaiviya patthi solava venum...pettai. Prashanth and Karan have done a good job. Deva comes with "Salomiyaaaaaaaaaaaaa Salomiyaaaaaaaaaaaaa Sunda Kanja Soruthan, Sudu Karuvaduthan...." I seriously hope some hindhi film producer gives him a chance and takes him to the north. I cannot tolerate him anymore (and I also wonder how these songs become a hit). Ellam Neram!!!! (Vayuru Erinchi Solren).

Starring: Vijayakanth, Kushbu and Roja

Another dabba from Vijayakanth. I was shocked when I heard that amongst the Diwali releases, this movie was number one for 2 weeks. Thank God, athuku apparam appadiye oduchi, theatrea vittu. Vijayakanth is like Sandalwood fame 'Veerapan'. He lives in a forest to help the villagers. The villagers are in his side but the entire police force is against him. When his wife, Kushbu gives birth to a child (another Vijayakanth), the child is seperated from them. Junior Vijayakanth becomes a police officer and comes to the village to catch the senior and then the rest is known to all. Thanthaya? Paasama? fight. Thanx for reading the review. Reviewey ivalavu Borena appa Padam? Deva vera "Puttu Thatu"nu oru song. Agilandeshwari, Allah, Jesus!!!

Starring: Livingston and Kousalya

Whenever 'Super Good Films' R.B.Chowdry produces a low budget movie with a debutant director, the movie is sure to be a hit. This is one such film and ofcourse was last years Super Hit. Livingston is an artist who comes to the city with a lot of hope. He stays with three of his friends. Livingston has great difficulty in getting a job and finally becomes a banner artist. His friends freak out with girls and this creates an inferiority complex in Livingston. One day, he sees Kousalya using sign language while talking to a girl. Livingston, mistakes Kous to be dumb and talks to her in sign language. Now, Kous thinks that Liv cannot speak. Soon, they become friends. They continue talking in sign language until one day when Kousalya realizes that Livingston has mistaken her to be dumb. She tells him that shen can speak but Liv doesn't let her know that he can speak. He thinks that she is with him bcos of sympathy and so he does not want to lose her. Slowly they fall in love with each other and that is the time when Kous learns that Liv can speak. Then What? An end which no one would have even dreamt about. An excellent movie. All the characters have done their parts well. The movie earned a good name for Kousalya. Music is not so impressive but the new director, Sasi has indeed made a strong impression.


Starring: Vijay, Suvalakshmi and Sanghavi
Director:Vincent Selva

Another hit from Vijay. Vijay and Suvalakshmi are in love with each other. Vijay is a christian and Suvalakshmi a Hindu. The village witnesses a big communal fight because of a Hindu-Christian marriage. Vijay stops the fight and tells them that he will make sure that such an incident does not occur again. Now, Vijay sacrifices his love for the sake of harmony in his village. Raghuvaran comes to the village to marry Suvalakshmi and comes to know of their love. Inspite of that he is willing to marry Suva. Then comes a beautiful climax. The songs are very good, especially
"Neeee Kaatru Naaaaan Maram,
Enna Sonaalum Thalaiyaatuven.
Neee Mazhai Naaaaan Bhoomi,
Engu Vizhunthaalum Thaangikolven."
There is another speciality in this film. My best friend, Sanjeev Ramprasad acts as Vijay's friend in this movie.
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