The Story

The evil Divatox goes on a quest to free and wed Maligore a very powerful creature trapped in a volcano on the Island of Muiranthias. The only thing that can free him a magic key that can open the gateways to other dimensions. The only problame is it is possesed by a small wizard named Lerigot. After Divatox gets the key by threatening to harm his family she travels in her Subcraft to free Maligore. Zordon knew the Rangers would eventually need a stronger source of Power and created the Turbo Powers with help from Alpha 5 and possibly Billy. The Rangers used there new Powers and Turbo Zords well and defeated Maligore. The Rangers had assumed Divatox went back to wherever she came from but soon found out they were wrong. Divatox has came back to Earth with a vengence. After the four veteran Rangers battled monster after monster Zordon and Dimitria decided it was time to relieve them of there Ranger duties. Each teen chose a new younger teen to replace them. The new teens were able to stop Divatox and with there ever growing arsenal it looked pretty good. Unfortunately when Divatox sent Goldgoyle to fight them he destroyed both Megazords and nearly the Rangers. Rygog and Elgar then found the Power Chamber and sent hundreds of Piranhatrons to attack it. It was eventually destroyed and the Ranger's Powers were lost.

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