Titanium Morpher

The Titanium Morpher was created by Miss Fairweather to add a sixth member to the Lightspeed team. Although in testing it was discovered that it was too strong for a regular human to use. But Ryan Mitchell, having lived with the Demons his whole life, didn't have that problem. After he snuck into the Lightspeed Aqua Base, he stole the Titanium Morpher and was able to use it against the Lightspeed Rangers. Luckily Captain Mitchell was able to talk to Ryan and make him see the error of his ways. Ryan joined the team, and used the Titanium Morpher to Morph into the Titanium Ranger. After the Demons had been defeated, Ryan kept his Morpher on his wrist rather then turning it in to Captain Mitchell. Ryan can always use the Morpher again to transform into the Titanium Ranger, if evil should ever arise again.

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