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Animation Career

If you're interested in an animation career, you've come to the right place. Here, you'd find a series of video tutorials to help you get started in Maya, which is one of the most sophisticated 3D animation packages used in Hollywood.

Of course, you may not have Maya installed on your computer. No problem! You can download it - LEGALLY - from the official Maya website. Just visit this special effects software page to learn how you can download Maya and other special effects software for free!

Once you have installed Maya on your computer, you can go through these excellent tutorials to learn how to create your own animations. That's it! You're animation career just got started!
Tutorial 1

Tutorial 2 ( Part 1/2)

Tutorial 2 ( Part 2/2)
Tutorial 3

Tutorial  4 ( Part 1/2)
Tutorial  4 ( Part 2/2)
Tutorial  5 ( Part 1/2)
Tutorial  5 ( Part 2/2)
Tutorial  6 ( Part 1/2)
Tutorial  6 ( Part 2/2)

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