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New 9/9

Better Luck Next Time - by Kai
Set days after "Donoterase", Jarod is not in the mood to be messed with. Too bad for Lyle....

Sanctuary I: Captured - By Kai and Djinn
Jarod's latest quest is derailed when he is abducted and taken out of the country by a former business associate of the Centre. Rape Warning, all parts!

Sanctuary II: Submission
Drugged and abused, Jarod struggles to figure out what Trevor wants from him.

Sanctuary III: Darkness
There is no longer any doubt as to Trevor's intentions. Will Jarod fight him, or take the easy way out?

Not Forgotten - By Djinn and Kai
The way 'Red Rock Jarod' should have been, if the network was into slash. Lyle has plans for Jarod, but they're not to take him back to The Centre. He wants the Pretender all to himself, but can Jarod survive Lyle's attention? Rape warning [yes, again. Poor Jarod....]

Road Trip .... Pretender/X-Files
Sent to do another dirty job for the Consortium, Skinner is in for a rough few days when he abducts Jarod with plans to bring him back to The Centre. His biggest problem? Keeping his hands to himself while his unwilling prisoner drives him to distraction.

Alegar - By Witch1 & Pretnding1
The slashy version of Witch1's "Black Room" features expanded roles for Syd and Broots, a bit more torture for Jarod, and a guest appearance by Mr. Lyle that explains his interest in Jarod during "Back From the Dead Again". Would you believe another rape warning? Sigh....

Room Service Series: Alternate ending to "A Better Part of Valor." What would have happened if Miss Parker's friend, Michael Patrick, had actually gotten his hands, and various other body parts, on Jarod?
By Kai and Djinn

Room Service I: Fresh Towels
Jarod's captor discovers that a pretender in handcuffs is just too hard to resist.

Room Service II: Wake-Up Call
The next morning finds the Centre's sweeper loosing control of the situation. Does he care? Would you?

Room Service III: Check-Out Time
Jarod and Sean's plans hit a snag when someone we all know arrives at the motel. The boys have a LOT of explaining to do....

Helping Hand - By Kai
The Centre needs something from Jarod and Sydney makes a deal. Jarod's freedom for a small .....donation. Do I need a rape warning if he really likes it in the end. Um, let me rephrase that......

Here You Come Again - By Kai and Djinn
A perverted spoof of Pretender fanfic on the net.

Challenges - By Amy B
Pretender/Highlander - When Jarod is found to be an immortal, he discovers a whole new list of people want his head.

A Room With A View - By Djinn and Kai
Basically, Miss Parker and Mr. Lyle look out their office windows. But there is a reason this story is on a slash page :-)~~~~

The Burden of Secrets - By Aimee
Pretender/Sentinel - While running away from Miss Parker, Jarod runs into Jim. Literally. From there, they discover they have more in common than either would have guessed.

For Her Eyes Only - by Kath N. Mause
Jarod's red notebook leads to some shocking revelations for Miss Parker. Implied rape warning. Well it is.....


Surprise - By Kai
Someone captures someone else, but it's not what you think. Vague enough for you?

Hot Buttered Popcorn - By Djinn
I can't describe it. Just read it. M/K

Wise Men Say... - By Djinn
Have imaginary elves taken over the Hoover? Mulder's too busy investigating the erogenous zones of his boss to find out. .

Only Fools Rush In - By Djinn
Continuation of "Wise Men Say..."

You Made Me Love You - By Djinn
An old enemy returns to torment Mulder and Skinner.

You Made Me Love You II - By Djinn
Set minutes after YMMLY, Mulder and Skinner face the aftermath of Modell's sex game.

Tunnel of Love - By Kai and Djinn
Alternate ending to Tunguska. An escape, a truck, a crash, and Mulder goes looking for Krycek.....

Hot Seat - By Kai
Skinner should be working, but something is distracting him.

Tool Time - By Kai and Djinn
Skinner's handyman services are purchased at an auction and using his tool's takes on a whole new meaning.

Love Potion - By Djinn
Skinner springs an overly friendly Mulder from jail and has a night to remember.

Once A Thief

Captive - By Kai

If you're told the one person you were counting on to save you is dead, will you break?


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