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1. Jimi was a drug addict.
Jimi rarely used any hard drugs. Jimi only used marijuana, alcohol, cigarettes, and only experimented with LSD a few times. “If Jimi is to be called a drug addict, then everyone who drinks alcohol is an alcoholic” (Monika Danneman).

2. “Purple Haze” was written about drugs.
This is completely false. He wrote it about a dream. He was walking under the sea, surrounded by purple haze. He became lost and Jesus saved him . The song was originally called “Purple Haze-Jesus saves.”

3. Jimi died of a heroin overdose.
Jimi died of suffocation due to the inhalation of vomit. He had no heroin needle marks-the marks of a heroin user never leave.

4. Jimi committed suicide.
Jimi took 9 vesperax pills. Several doctors have confirmed that it was not a lethal amount. There were 45 pills in the packet; if he was to commit suicide, he would have taken more than 9.


Jimi Hendrix was without a doubt one of the most original, most inspired artists who ever lived. Jimi felt people did not understand him; Jimi was not granted enough time to alter the skillfully manipulated image which had been thrust upon him by his management.
Jimi was very a very spiritual person. He sometimes referred to his music as “sky church music,” because he felt music could unite people by drawing them towards the spiritual world and God . Jimi was not a missionary though; he was a poet with a mission.
“To this day, Jimi Hendrix is considered one of rock’s greatest guitarists. His innovations may, in fact, have not been equaled... Hendrix was a brilliant songwriter, penning one classic after another. His influence can be felt throughout rock, from metal to alternative’”(Addicted to Noise).
Jimi Hendrix was the most influential and most imitated guitarist of rock’n’roll, harnessing distortion and feedback and adopting a psychedelic image that defined the ‘60’s. As of today, Jimi has three songs in the Hall of Fame: ‘Purple Haze,’’All Along The Watchtower,’ and ‘Voodoo Child’(Slight Return).
“As for radical innovators in the history of African-American music, the amazing Jimi Hendrix deserves a unique place. He re-invented the electric guitar, no-one who has played it since has been unmoved. In a few short years, he had converted guitar solos mired in the blues and the comparatively undisciplined rock playing into a domineering, aggressive, controlling lead sound. His use of devices such as the wah-wah pedal have virtually prohibited their use except to imitate Jimi himself, so complete was his dominance. No rock player today plays without his influence....Hendrix’s was a new idea, something spiritual that radiated not only over his guitar, but over all instruments. The new electrifying aggressiveness of sound stems from Hendrix and concerns not only all guitarists who follow him. It also concerns, for example, the best electric pianists in contemporary jazz; it even concerns the horn men who use electronics--insofar as they use them more imaginatively than merely for “effect.”(African American Baseline Essay)
Jimi is constantly being rediscovered by new generations. Over 60% of Hendrix’s fans are 21 or younger. Over 2 million records of Jimi have been sold in each year after his death. Even today, Jimi still performs. Not live, but by virtual reality.
“The first time I heard Jimi Hendrix, he made me forget everyone else. He somehow reinvented every musical sound that came before him. Nobody in the world has played the guitar like that since...”(USA Today 94)
There have even been days set in his honor: “Jimi Hendrix, pioneering guitarist, of the 1960’s...Jimi Hendrix...continues to be mourned by music lovers everywhere; now, therefore, I, Norman B. Rice, Mayor of the city of Seattle, do hereby proclaim, November 27...to be Jimi Hendrix Day...to remember the contributions he made to modern music.” (Norman Rice)

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