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The ABond Bondage Series

ABond Series Actresses in Bondage
VidCaps from popular
main stream video's,
Film and TV shows.

About The ABond Series
By D*

The ABOND (Actresses in Bondage) series began one day when I couldn't find any decent pix on the Internet ofthe Tawny Kitaen movie "The Perils of Gwendoline". I had a few vidcaps on my hard drive, and figured I wouldshare 'em with the rest of the world. Credit for these pix should go to the people who acted in and actually madethe films: I'm just advertising the movies for the video stores.
All the movies used here are available in local video stores, although some verrrryyyyy concentrated searching hasbeen required to locate copies of older and more obscure titles. Thanx to all those who sent movie suggestions, andkeep 'em coming!

THE FILES: The first 224 files were originally posted with large file size (in kbytes). They also did not include thetitle of the movie from which they were taken. In my wisdom I ignored the suggestions of those who said the pixcould be improved by adding the title and by using a greater amount of jpeg compression. Once I saw the light:beginning with #225, I went back and redid the first 224 files and renamed them SABND files. Hence,ABOND010 and SABND010 are the same subject matter with greater compression, a new font, and with themovie title added. At this writing there are 558 files in the series. They take up about 34 megabytes.

TECH TALK: Many have commented on the high quality of the vidcaps. This is directly attributable to the qualityof the hardware used and the strength and quality of the video source. I use a Snappy capture device and a goodquality VCR. Gold plated cables seem to help. Capturing directly from the cable TV results in relatively poorquality (see abond368 as an example). When capturing a file I capture it using the largest capture size and save thefiles in BMP format. No massaging of the file is done using the Snappy software. Most of my image cleanup andaltering has been done using LVIEW PRO. Beginning with abond435, I'm using Photoshop 4.0 to enhance theimages. So far, I'm pleased with the improvements I've seen.

CONTRIBUTIONS: Are welcome. All the images used did not originate with me. Two other people have sentimages to me via e-mail that eventually were used with their permission. They know who they are. Special thanx toyou both. Normally I prefer to capture the images myself, but when I'm unable to locate a copy of the movie inquestion.....

Anyway! Enjoy the pix. Keep the suggestions coming.


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