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Me, myself, and I:

Like most of us I was first exposed to Mike Myers through his incredible work on Saturday Night Live around 1991. Looking back, I don't recall Mike being my favorite cast member at the time. That was probably due to the fact that most of his characters, such as Dieter of Spockets, were a little over my head at the time. Since then I have really enjoyed the SNL reruns on Comedy Central.

MeMike's breakthrough came when Wayne's World became a feature film in 1992 and became a small pop-culture phenomenon. It's appeal is fascinating. Although I didn't understand most of the humor at the time, I enjoyed it nonetheless. Wayne's World 2 was another huge success, but then came So I Married and Axe Muderer, which didn't meet expectations.

Mike disappeared for several years to come to terms with his father's 1991 death. He played hockey and revisited many of the old movies his father had first exposed him to. Then he came out of nowhere in 1997 with a little publicized film, Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery. A tribute to his father and the old spy films, it was a modest success, grossing 54 million dollars in the U.S. (To tell you the truth, I only saw it once in the theater.) It slowly developed into a hugely popular franchise and...

...that's where this page comes in. I started this page after taking a class in HTML in February of 1998. The final project, of course, was making a web page. I was somewhat desperate for a topic and went through a list of possibilities before deciding on Austin Powers. And here we are, but I still have one question:

"Do I make you horny baby? Randy? Do I?"

-Eric, SmashingPage@hotmail.com

The Smashing Austin Powers Homepage F.A.Q. Version 69.00 (Yeah baby!)

Are you Mike Myers or did you work for Newline on Austin Powers?

No. I'm not connected to Mike or anyone who worked on the movie. I'm not in any way associated with Newline Cinema or anyone involved with Austin Powers. To the best of my knowledge neither Mike nor anyone at Newline knows about this little operation.

So you're saying you can't forward anything to Mike.
Dr. Evil

You got it. Try reaching him through this address:

Mike Myers
c/o Creative Artists Agency
9830 Wilshire Blvd.
Beverly Hills, CA 90212

Is there going to be a sequel to AP2? I want info on Austin Powers 3.

Mike has always said that he doesn't plan anything but he has let it slip that he could do up to four more Austin Powers films. I'd expect AP3 to be out in June of 2001.

What did you use to make the page?

I type out all of the HTML myself in Microsoft Notepad. For graphics I use a cheap program that came with the computer called MGI PhotoSuite. That's why none of my graphics are very spectacular.


Where can I buy Austin Powers merchandise? And where can I buy a widescreen (letterbox) vhs version?

Well, Newline got thousands of letters after Austin Powers asking why they couldn't buy any merch. Newline has fixed that problem and now there's AP stuff coming out their -- by the truckload. Go check out the Newline online store. As for a copy of Austin Powers in the popular letterbox format, it is finally out! Go get it! It only took 2 years!

Where is Carrie Fisher? She is listed on the box but I can't find her in the movie.

If you're laughing, stop! Believe it or not, I've received this question five six times. Carrie Fisher is the counselor in Dr. Evil/Scott's therapy scene with the fathers and sons. She may not look like Princess Leia anymore but I'm sure that's her.