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The first five sounds are from a radio I.D. cassette tape Mike Myers did for college radio stations to use. These are all five of the sounds off the tape, which was recorded May 21st 1997 at NSI Sound & Video Inc.

radio1.wav 81.8
This is Austin Powers baby! You're listening to the only
college radio station groovier than the BBC! Oh yeah baby.
radio2.wav 69.2
This is Austin Powers and you're listening to the
sexiest college radio station around! Oh behave!
radio3.wav 46.7
This is Mike Myers and you're listening to the
sauciest college station on this frequency!
radio4.wav 89.1
I'm Austin Powers and when I shag I like to listen to college radio! What a gas baby, yeah! They're very sexy, very switched on, yeah.
radio5.wav 42.6
Hi, this is Mike Myers and when I'm
naughty, I listen to college radio!

Smashing sounds directly from Austin Powers:

behave.wav 84.2 KB Austin: Oh behave...yeah, yeah baby!...yeah.
contrare.wav 44.0 KB Austin: On contrare baby, I think you can't resist me.
danger.wav 40.6 KB Austin: Austin Powers. Danger is my middle name.
groovy.wav 43.7 KB Austin: Oh groovy baby.
man.wav 28.5 KB Austin: That's not your mother, it's a man baby!
mybag.wav 22.1 KB Austin: This sort of thing ain't by bag baby.
mystery.wav 36.7 KB Austin: Isn't that what being an international man of mystery is all about.
richie.wav 86.7 KB Austin: Allow myself to introduce...myself. My name is Richie Cunningham.
shagadel.wav 51.0 KB Austin: I think you're shagadelic baby, you're switched on, you're smashing.
smashing.wav 16.5 KB Austin: Smashing baby!

Groovy note: If you're a member of AOL, go to keyword: CELEBRITY VOICES. You can change your "Welcome," "You have mail," and "Goodbye" vocies to Austin Powers ones recorded by Mike Myers. See, AOL is good for something.

All sounds from Austin Powers New Line Productions, Inc.