Kidnapped: A Harem Adventure

written by Laura

The front door of the chateau opened and an attractive dark-haired man stepped through the door.

"Master!" screamed the 60 or so beautiful women who flocked to him.

"We didn't think you'd be back so soon," cried patches.

"Neither did I, but I finished early," the man answered. "And I have a surprise for you all. We're going on a vacation."

"Where to?" was heard from several women.

"It's a surprise."

The group hurridly paced with some grumbling about not knowing what to take, but not much since it was so pleasant a surprise. They boarded the bus out side the door and were soon off.

"I'm back!" yelled Methos as he closed the door. And still no sound. It was strange for his ladies not to greet him at the door. "Maybe they've arranged a surprise for me," he grinned to himself. He searched the house and the entire estate without finding a single clue as to the location of the ladies. He did, however, notice that the animals had recently been fed and some of each harem members clothes were gone. In the kitchen he noticed that the caretakers number had been left out. He dialed the number on a hunch. "Hello? This is Adam Pierson. I just got home and the place is deserted. I was wondering if you knew wehre the ladies were. A trip? With me? Ah yes, I was supposed to meet them at the airport. They'll be waithing for me. I'll leave now, thank you." He hung up certain that his entire harem had been kidnapped! But who? They must have been good to get past the goats, and the swords. He couldn't think of any enemy who knew about the tent, much less where it was. He'd worry aobut that later, after he found them and killed the person who took them.

Methos knew from experience how hard it was to make travel arrangements for that many people and all the places to go. After several hours of phonecalls he tracked down their destination as a small remote ski lodge in Switzerland and was soon on his was there himself.

Arriving at the registration desk, the old one found that the clerk recognized him and promptly gave him a hiden room key. He rode the elevator up to find that the entire floor had been taken over by the harem. Thankfully, they looked safe and strangely happy.

Upon seeing him, Tree launched herself at him saying, "Where did you go? I thought you were still in the shower. And how did you get past me?"

Methos was saved from answering when the door on his left opened and a man who looked just like him walked out.

"Uh, oh!" said the man and he promptly made a break for it.

"I don't think so!" rasped Methos as he slammed the man against the wall. "Who are you?" the ROG asked with his sword at the man's throat.

"Well, uh, uh..."

"Crom! Is that you?" asked Mouse from the crowd that had gathered in the hall.

"Yes, it's me. I was jealous of you getting all the beautiful women for yourself. I wanted to have some fun, too," he admitted to the real BFLG.

Methos looked like he might take Crom's head then and there but JAG intervened. "We can handle this now, master. Why don't you go down to the bar and have a beer and we'll come down when we've decided what to do with him."

Not looking happy but knowing they would do worse than he could, the immortal let Crom go and left.

"Now, what are we going to do with you?" asked Jean Marie devilishly.

"We could put him in the dungeon with Cassieho," suggested Twig.

"He hasn't done anything that bad, for God's sake," Alexa responded to a murmer of agreement.

"I have an idea," said Laura.

The harem plus thier true master enjoyed the rest of thier vacation at Crom's expense but would not tell him what they decided on. Finally he let the matter drop. A few days after they returned to the tent, Methos had to leave again to work in Paris. They next day, Harem Dancer opened the door and yelled, "Crom's here."

The rest of the harem emerged to see a man looking exactly like Methos in the hall except half his face had been tatooed blue. "Looks good." and "I'll think he'll do." was hear from several women.

"So, you understand the rules right," Troll Princess admonished him. "We serve Methos and you serve us."

"24 hours a day," added Wintersong with a grin.

"Yeah, sure," responded Crom easgerly.

"With make that alot of practice he may get to Duncan's level but someone needs to train him," Cydoc announced.

A chorus of "I will, I will" was heard around the room.

Patches, in her capacity as harem head appointed Dragon Lady to the task.

"Oh goody, I need to try out my new handcuffs," she announced with gleeful rubbing of her hands.

"Handcuffs?" a stunned Crom asked as she lead him off.

"Be careful, he doesn't heal as fast," Nibblet yelled after them.

"Yea, yea, yea," floated down the stairs.

"Not bad for our first offical Horseman of the Harem."

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