(The Story Of) "Edward Scissorhands"

Released on December 11, 1990
Produced by Danny Elfman
Recorded at Columbia Music Scoring, Culver City, CA

Part One: Edward Meets the World...
2:36 Introduction (Titles)
2:35 Storytime
6:25 Castle on the Hill
2:05 Beautiful New World/Home Sweet Home
2:14 The Cookie Factory
1:17 Ballet de Suburbia (Suite)
1:45 Ice Dance
1:38 Etiquette Lesson
3:19 Edwardo the Barber

Part Two: ...Poor Edward!
0:27 Esmerelda
3:29 Death!
5:31 The Tide Turns (Suite)
2:46 Farewell...
3:26 The Grand Finale
4:47 The End
2:43 With These Hands (Performed by Tom Jones)

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