"To Die For"

Released in 1994
Produced by Danny Elfman

4:09 Main Titles
1:41 Suzie's Theme (featuring Gus and the Suzettes)
2:00 Busted
1:50 Weepy Donuts
0:50 Creepy Creepy
3:51 Murder
0:36 Angry Suzie
3:47 Finale
3:03 Wasting Away (Performed by Nailbomb)
2:34 Nothing From Nothing (Performed by Billy Preston)
4:54 All By Myself (Performed by Eric Carmen)
3:37 Sweet Home Alabama (Performed by Lynyrd Skynyrd)
4:48 Wings of Desire (Performed by strawpeople)
4:54 Season of the Witch (Performed by Donovan)

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