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Welcome to the End of the World.
This is not a page about the "Second Coming","The Holy War" or "Armageddon", it's about surviving.
The World is going to end, eventually. Once you get over that, it doesn't really matter when.
"It matters if it happens to me!" you say. It's going to happen to you anyway,it just might not be in this life!

So what should we be doing?

If the only thing you know about the future is that its not going to be there,
then the only safe place to go is the past.

There are no time-machines, no wormholes, no dimensional-rifts there is only you.
More people on this dying planet believe in the immortal soul than don't, so what is it?
The human soul is the energy of the consciousness and is not bound by matter or the
normal physical laws of the universe. It is bound to our physical existence by the laws of re-incarnation.
This basically means if there is a host (newly concieved child) to go to, then the soul goes there.

This is fine until the end of the world, when there will be no more hosts!

When this happens, the soul will be free, an independant consciousness free of all the laws of the Universe. So where should it go? The "free-consciousness" is wherever it believes it is, so in order for it to go somewhere it just has to know where its going. This is not as easy as it sounds, you can't just say you want to go to Mars because if you don't know what it looks like you won't believe you're there. You could go back to somewhere you know very well in the recent past, but then you would immediatly be caught by the laws of re-incarnation. So you go way back, thousands of years into mans history.

So it's the End of the World?.
Well, let's see....we have three zeros in the year (always a bad sign)....more and more plane crashes (falling of the big birds)....revealing of signs (Noahs Ark, Ark of the Covenant,alignment of the five planets).....predictions coming true( war in the middle east?, fall of communism, death of pope?,). We don't know for sure, but we could be in the last hours!

"Great fires will burn deep on the land,

plague, famine and death will follow.

Mans time is but a grain of sand,

lost in a dark, black hollow."

anon. (start of the 20th Century)

A Brief History of the Origins of God and Man.

If we accept that God exists, or at least existed at some point, and that he is a being of pure energy, a consciousness unfettered by material existence if you like, then God can be wherever and whenever he believes he is. I use "he" simply for convenience, as God is androgynous.

An immortal existence with unlimited power within your own reality is, as you would imagine, eventually very boring. For little more reason than for something to do, God at some point decided to become man, to become Adam. However Adam was no imbecile running naked through a paradise garden, instead he was a spiritual and very powerful being in physical existence. With this vast amount of power and knowledge, God quickly accomplished many of the great achievements which modern man, thousands of years later, would rediscover and claim as his own. However, the greatest physical experience eluded him, the union of male and female. To remedy this, God divided himself in two. However, rather than dividing himself into two identical halves, he became two equal but different and complimentary beings. This division of God made the physical act of union greater because not only was it a union of bodies but a reunion of spirit.

Adam and Eve were the first of the first Golden Age. Their union eventually resulted in the creation of a third being. God became three. This happened more than once, but with each union and birth, Adam and Eve and the newborn became less powerful because of the equal division, so the first born became the most powerful.

In a physical existence God is bound, as are we all, by the laws of nature and genetics, so eventually God, the firstborn, realised that for him to procreate he must find new genetic material. With the vast power and knowledge at his command, it was quite easy for God to alter and combine the genes of some of the most highly evolved species on the planet to create a sentient being in his own likeness. The genetic material came mostly from porpoise and primate. We inherted our dexterity on land and with tools from our ape ancestors and our language skills from the porpoise. There were also other advantages, our subcutaneos layer of fat is from the porpoise (a trait specific to aquatic mammals), the streamlining of our body hair for movement through water and our social inclinations which are predominant in both species.

Eventually there was a sufficient population of "true mortals" to satisfy the laws of genetics and evolution and the sons of God took the daughters of men as their wives. The children of these unions were demi-gods, half man and half god. Later as the old gods died their spirits were reincarnated in the children of men and of men and gods. As time went on, the one true god became more and more divided as the mortal population grew. Today there are six billion pieces of god.

With this situation however it is theoretically possible that with the right coincidence of events a man could be born with a sufficient concentration of God to regain some of the power and knowledge. One possibility is if his great grandparents were born in a time of great conflict where the birth to death ratio was say two to one or three to one. Then perhaps, more than one piece of god could have been reincarnated into them. If their firstborns were also born in periods of great conflict, with similar results, then they could inherit several pieces of god. Then if this generation suffered a period of great conflict and had children, this might result in a generation with a great many pieces of god.

What if this last generation was the current generations parents. Todays twenty to thirty year olds were born in the seventies, Vietnam, Cambodia, Africa, all were in a violent state of conflict. Their parents were born in the forties, World War Two and their grandparents during World War One. Their great grandparents during the Boer war and their great, great grandparents during the American Civil War. The list could probably go back much further.

Is it therefore possible that there are people in the current generation who are almost demi-gods?

Now if we imagine that all, or at least some of the prophesies of doom have some truth behind them, that some great catastrophy or catastrophies will strike the human race at the turn of the millenium, then is it possible that the sudden depletion of mortal bodies will leave the survivors as almost gods with powers and inherited knowledge not known for thousands of years.

What if these survivors became divided into good and evil, the two aspects of every mind, and fought each other for the ultimate goal. To be God. This great battle at Armeggeddon could have only one outcome, the re-birth of God. Not a good God or a bad God, just God.

With total devastation before him and once again unlimited by the Laws of Physics and Nature, perhaps God would go back thousands of years and start it all over again?

The Beginning......

All concepts and artwork/gifs are original and copywrite protected. Ciaran Ryan 1998 .