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A New Ending For Titanic
"Okay Rose. When I tell you to, hold your breath. Do NOT let go of my hand," Jack told Rose as the Titanic took it's final plunge into the sea.
     "Annnd . . . NOW!!!"
Rose and Jack held their breath as the Titanic disappeared into the Atlantic. She held tightly on Jack's hand as they were sucked about ten feet under the water. But the pressure of the water was too strong, and it quickly split them apart. Rose swam up to the surface of the water, struggling for breath. She then began to call for Jack.
      "Jack? Jack, where are you? Jack? Jack? This isn't funny. Jack?"
She was starting to realise that he must have been sucked too far down, and that he had not made it. A tear drifted down her cheek. Jack was like a brother to her. A husband even. Her dreams she held with Jack were now ruined. But she still thought it was necessary to survive this fateful night. She swam to a floating door nearby and climbed on it. She lay there, waiting for a boat to arrive and rescue her. It was about five minutes later when a boat finally did arrive. The officer pulled her up into the boat and wrapped her into a blanket. She began to drift off to sleep.
In the morning when the light came, Rose opened one eye, looking up at large ship entitled the Carpathia. She thought it must be the rescue ship. She had survived the death of the Titanic.

Fifteen Years Later...

      "Come on, Wolfy. Let's go to the park," Rose called to her dog.
Wolfy ran up to her and began to scratch the door. Rose tied a leash around him as they walked outside. When they arrived at the park Rose sat down on a bench as Wolfy ran sniffed around trying to find a good place to do his duty. Suddenly, Rose heard a voice. As the voice came closer she saw a man with another dog. Wolfy looked up and stared at the other dog. And then he ran towards it. They huddled up together and lay down. Rose laughed.
     "Looks like love at first sight."
     The man smiled. "Sure does. I don't know if we're gonna be able to separate them for a while." He sat down next to Rose. "Hi, I'm Jack Dawson. And you?"
     Rose raised her eyebrows. "What did you say?"
     "My name is Jack Dawson. What about you?" he repeated.
     "No, really."
     "I'm Jack Dawson. Who are you?"
     "Oh my god."
     "Jack, it's Rose. Rose DeWitt-Bukater. Do you remember me?"
     "Rose? It's really you? That's amazing! I thought you had died on the Titanic."
     "I thought you had died!"
      Rose hugged Jack. She knew this would be the best day of her life.


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Distant Shores
She dreamed of the sun; a lazy, tropical sun dripping gold on a distant shore. She saw herself lying quietly on the sand, her stomach pressed into its welcome warmth, her face resting in the rough grain, her hair kissed by the foaming surf. Every so often the sleepy ocean would reach out with gentle fingers and wrap her in a blanket of summer waves. Contentment. That’s what it was; complete contentment. Nothing existed but the sand, the surf, and herself, and she allowed her soul and mind to drift in a warm, beautifully endless expanse that offered nothing but peace.

But the sun dwindled and became one frozen speck among thousands in a sky of ink; the once loving sea turned cold and unforgiving; she found herself hopelessly lost and overcome with pain, with bitter loneliness, with fear. She jerked herself awake and listened to the strange, hollow beating of her heart and the hungry lapping of icy water until her panic, too, was frozen.

She guided her heavy eyes to her hand, entwined with his in a sculpted and unspoken embrace. They had both stopped shaking long ago, and now she felt his reassuring touch more with her mind than with her body. She didn’t know if it had been minutes, or hours, or days, since he had last spoken aloud to her, but now his eyes encouraged her, soothed her, told her what his lips wanted to say but couldn’t. There was still that fire, though frighteningly dim, in his eyes, and it gave her hope as her spirit faltered.

She’d promised.

The silence rang in her ears, and her mind was suddenly filled with painful regrets. She didn’t dwell on the past; she mourned for the future. She was on the brink of tears as she thought of how much she wanted to give him, how much she wanted them to share. Any uncertainties or reservations she might have had before were banished from thought; only her love remained. They could have been so perfect, so perfect. As she lay there in the darkness, she saw her life flash before her eyes; a life she’d never known. She was finally real, living, breathing, flying,and he was right there beside her, loving her, guiding her.

Don’t leave me. Promise me; don’t leave me, Jack!

I won’t leave you. His eyes were unwavering.

She was desperate, painfully fearful again, her gaze pleading. You know I can’t do it without you...

You won’t have to.

She was enveloped with calm, then, with a sort of understanding. There was life ahead of her, life that was the very essence of Jack.

And she knew that when she saw that distant shore again, he would be lying close beside her.

Copyright 1998 by Grae

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An Alternative Ending
After Rose and Jack jumped, Rose came back up for air quickly. Jack was still holding onto her hand. One of Jack's old roomates spotted Jack and came toward him, and then pulled him away from Rose. He tried to hold on to Rose, but his friend was pulling him toward a lifeboat.
     "Rose!" Jack called anxiously. "Rose!"
There was a faint "Jack" from somewhere beside him. Jack gulped in air,pulled away from his friend, and dove underneath, glimpsing a smidge of a red and white dress 2 bodies away from him. Then there she was.
They embraced. "Go down, Jack, and look at the ship... it's so beautiful."
Jack gulped another breath of air, and then dove under again. He focused his eyes on a tiny body floating near the ship. It seemed to be... no, it couldn't be. Jack came up and yelled to Rose above all of the commotion,
     "Mr. Andrews is down there!"
     Rose gasped, "We must save him!"
     Jack hung his head. "It's too late. I'm afraid..." he let it go. Rose nodded slowly but understandably. Jack found a floating door and ordered Rose to get on it.      "No," she insisted. "Not without you!!"
     "No, there's no room," Jack implied.
     "We can make room. You're freezing. You get up here now."
Jack sighed and climbed up. Rose sat on one side and Jack on the other so it wouldn't tilt. They leaned together for body heat. Soon, Rose saw a glimpse of a lantern beam.
     "Jack," she whispered. "Yell for them. My throat is too hoarse."
He woke up from a nap which he had needed and screamed, "Hey!!! Over here!"
The lantern swung to catch them in the beam. The boat helper yelled to the rower,
      "Over there, ye old swashbuckler! Hurry up! Row faster or do I need to?" Without letting the rower answer, her grabbed the oar and started paddling.
Quick, strong hands pulled Jack and Rose over the lifeboat into the lifeboat. There was now eerie silence. Rose reached into her coat pocket and found the Heart of the Ocean. Jack saw it and gasped.
     "I thought you had lost that," he murmured.
Rose whispered back, "We can sell it when we get to the United States. I don't believe I want it anymore. Cal's history."
Jack leaned forward, torwards Rose. "In that case, since Cal is history... will you marry me?"
Rose smiled a sweet, sincere smile. "Of course."
     They lived happily ever after.
Copyright 1998 by Jenny - If you want to tell Jenny what you thought of her story, email her at

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'Titanic Elaborations' by Doug Kuhlman