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Deep Rising © 1998 Hollywood Pictures

IN TOO DEEP:  Deep Rising Director/Writer Stephen Sommers and Actor Kevin J. O'Connor on their depth-defying fright fest

WHAT'S DEATH GOT TO DO WITH IT? Removing the veneer of the neglected Clive Barker chiller:  Lord of Illusions!
FORCED IN A CORNER: Star Wars authors set the record straight about their plight with Bantam
REPLICATED:  Blade Runner's Joanna Cassidy and James Hong speak
Bill Lustig on Restoring Hammer classics
Interviews with:
Leland Orser (Se7en, ST:Voyager),
Jenette Goldstein (Titanic, Aliens)
 Rasputin: the Mad Monk
 Blade Runner

Coming next issue! Our interview with Clive Barker!

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