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Feb. 16, 1999

GH Lucky Spencer & Elizabeth Webber

To many fans, these two are known as Luke and Laura II, the next generation of soaps' most popular pair. Lucky Spencer is the son of Luke and Laura and he has fallen in love with the beautiful, young Elizabeth Webber. When Lucky and Liz first met, he had a thing for her sister, Sarah, but Liz was smitten from the start. She thought he was going to be her date for last year's Valentine's dance, but then learned he just thought they were going as friends. Liz never showed up at the dance and walked alone in the park, where she was brutally raped. It was Lucky who found her, and he has been her support system ever since, while she in turn became his after Lucky learned his father had raped his mother before they were married two decades ago. During the process, the two fell in love in one of the sweetest and most romantic teen love storied ever told on a soap. As Lucky and Liz near their first anniversary of their discovery that they're soulmates, SON wished them a much happier Valentine's Day than last year!