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Venom 101

Call Center Wrestler

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Kevin's Rules of the Road...Some great thoughts
Photo Album...Check me out ;) **UPDATED On NOV 10th 2003**
Friday the 13th Death Toll Count...Featuring a death by death count
Horror Movies...Downloadable list of the horror movies i've seen
Top 10...Check out my TOP 10 SONGS OF THE 1980's
The Greatest Movie of all time...See still pics of my favorite movie

The Greatest Knight Rider Episodes Envolved KITT Vs. KARR... the battle of the supercars. You can Download the 2 Scripts to these 2 episodes right below...
Trust Doesn't Rust First Appearance of KARR
KITT Vs. KARR Return of KARR

Here is a Tribute to the Greatest FILM Series OF ALL TIME!!!

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