"Love is friendship set on fire."
* Jeremy Taylor

"Nothing in all the world is more
dangerous than Sincere ignorance and
conscientious stupidity."
- Martin Luther King JR.

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Down to Earth Well-Balanced Harmonious

You value a natural style and love that which is uncomplicated.
People admire you because you have both feet planted
firmly on the ground and they can depend on you.
You give those who are close to you security and space.
You are perceived as being warm and human.
You reject everything that is garish and trite.
You tend to be skeptical toward the whims of fashion trends.
For you, clothing has to be practical and unobtrusively elegant.

"To the world you might be one person, but to one person you might be the world."

See what Rugrat you are.

For the worlds information....
I am buliding my page for people to visit in order to have
somebody they can chat with, on a friend type level.
I have a "Guy Friend" who I trying to learn more about.
I spend alot of free time with him and my girls.
One friend is very crazy with lots of issues and the other is
a somewhat clam friend that I can sit and talk to,
that is also a little crazy... But I Love them anyways
I know lots of fellas and very little females do to the fact that
many females don't like me do to the fact of how many fellas I know....
But please feel free to E-mail me I'm here to be a friend.

"Love is a canvas furnished by Nature and embroidered by imagination."

See what Care Bear you are.

Aquarius Profile

By: Astronet
Ruled by shocking Uranus, Aquarius very much epitomes the planet that inspires it. This sign has astonishing intellectual and communication skill. Aquarius may the sign of the rugged individualist, the mad scientist and the lone eccentric, but this visionary also represents social interaction and higher consciousness. Aquarius' title, the "Humanitarian of the Zodiac," is well earned! For a fixed sign, Aquarius has a lot of adaptability. Attribute this to the need to accommodate others. A passion for Life, New things, and novel Situations sends Aquarius in all directions! Without stability and a willingness to listen, however, this sign can become erratic. Aquarius can try many new things but end up mastering none. That can stifle the great success potential here. Slowing down long enough to establish a solid foundation gives Aquarius the ability to ground his or her electrical energy. Receptivity can calm rebellious tendencies, especially those that put a member of this sign at cross-purposes with his or her boss! Aquarius' future-oriented energies give all members of this sign the advantage of living as if they are well into the 25th Century!

"You never lose by loving. You always lose by holding back."
-Barbara DeAngelis

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"Immature love says, 'I love you because I need you.'
Mature love says, 'I need you because I love you.'"
-Erich Fromm

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