Jet Li's Valentine Day: Keep your Valentine

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Australian Sing Tao Magazine (Chinese)

Translated by: Hollywood Gossips

Li Lian Jie (jet Li) despite having a fierce tiger outlook, but actually deep inside is a gentle and kind good man. In 1989, Li first met Nina in a film set and was both fell in love at first sight. At that time, Nina was in debt and the kindhearted Jet Li without saying a word helped her to repay her debt. Soon after, they expressed love to each other and Li says that in 10 years time, if our love relationship is still as strong and deep, then we should get marry. But to Jet surprise, without the need of a 10 year wait, Nina replied instantly 'I will marry you'.

During their relationship before marriage, there was an incident that showed how Jet Li was afraid of Nina getting angry. Once when Li was filming (Once upon a Time in China series) there was a rumor that Li was developing a romance with the actress in the film. At once, after hearing the rumor, Nina packed her bags and returned to her parents in Shanghai. As a result, Li does not seems to show much romance in films, for he was afraid that Nina may hear such rumors again. 

However, most of Jet Li friends say that although Jet obviously was afraid of his wife, but it was better to say that, Li actually 'respects his wife dearly'. Li also expresses that a man's promise is very important and that it is the responsibility of the husband that made his wife feel safe. A good example of Li's theory of a man's promise was when Li promised Nina about 10 years ago that when she is pregnant, he would stop filming for the period of time to spent time and care for her. It was this promise that Li kept, which he in turn turned down th erole taken by Chow Yun Fatt in the Oscar winning: Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon. He also says that 'In my eyes, there is nothing as important as wife and children.'

Nina finishes of the article, by saying, 'to have such a husband, it is three times lucky and that in the world, there is very few man as good as Jet Li, and remember if you sww one like him, don't miss out!' 

Valentine Day's Note

( In life, although your body is always by your work, but our hearts do not part, as you are an important part of my life.)     


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