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Welcome to the Fear Franchise league for madden 06
Who will win the superbowl? bucs,colts,pats, or an underdog?
                                Teams and ea names

xTampaFanx - Tampa Bay Buccaneers
FeArStR4t3gY - Atlanta Falcons
Fear MyFear- Cleveland Browns
MSC Champ 32- Jacksonville Jaguars
allbiznus- Green Bay Packers
mc cadillac- Chicago Bears
det showb1z- Cincinatti bengals
kilaj23- Denver Broncos
mothugg11- Arizona Cardinals
scotty 24- San Diego Chargers
jom xaix- Kansas City Chiefs
Fear Supaman-chris- Indianapolis Colts
fear supaman - redeye- Carolina Panthers
copeland80- Dallas Cowboys
bradley 268- New York Giants
IxI xplosive- Detroit Lions
1 assassin 1- New England Patriots
mastamind 26- Oakland Raiders
repndabottom- Baltimore Ravens
nsanebsolja- Washington Redskins
skinzz89- Pittsburgh Steelers
Msc champ 32- Tenessee Titans
Damonmflyfly- Minnesota Vikings
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