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This is my page for my loved ones no longer with us.
John James Barber
28/8/1921 - 15/7/1995
There isn't a day that goes by that I don't think of you. 
Thank you for all the wonderful years of love you gave
to me, Mumma & my sisters. You touched our hearts in so many ways & I will always be grateful & proud to have had you in my life. I'm counting on you to look after our other loved ones & I know you will do that with such pride.
Love you always Poppa

Dellie's wedding to Gary 24/7/94
At the back door of Mumma's home
in Tarragindi
Dec 94
Thomas Dudley Barber
11/7/1917 - 9/9/1993
Daddy & I lived on the Gold Coast for many years. He was always gentle & kind to me & I miss him very much. He could never be replaced, but Poppa made sure that his love would remain in my heart forever.  The photo was taken at my Deb Ball when I was
just 16. Please keep visiting me in my dreams, cause I still need you.
  Love you Daddy
Paul Versluis
15/3/1967 - 18/3/1999

My little brother Versy. Oh how I miss you.  You were always there for me, through thick & thin.  You left a major hole in my heart, but I know you are now at peace with yourself.  You will always remain in my heart, my dreams & my life forever.
Take care of our
" Baby Boy ".
With Mumma at our wedding - 11/10/97
Our back yard  Sept 98
John Thomas Nuttall
(our unborn Son)
5/6/1995 - 22/7/1995

When we lost you, I named you after your two Grandfathers.
We were only just starting to experience the joy of knowing what your birth would bring when we lost Poppa. You were taken without us ever being given the chance to hold you, to love you, or to guide you in the right direction. We think of you always & wonder about all the things that most parents take for granted - how tall would you be now, would you be doing well at school, would you have lots of friends.  The list goes on and on.  But we can't keep thinking about the "what if's" or the "if only's"  For some reason you were not ment to be & we must accept that. I've seen you in my dreams & I know you are being well looked after by Daddy, Poppa & Versy.  Now you have your big brother Casey there with you.  I know they will all look after you till we arrive to rejoin you one day. Sweet dreams my little prince.
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