2001 / 2002 WHO Plan


Our Council will provide ideas and opinions to assist the Principal (and/or Trustee) in their decision-making on educational issues.

         The advice should be based on the general views of the school community and the best interests of the students throughout the school.

         The Council will serve an advisory function with regards to programs, budget, staffing, communication, goals, and strategies.

Our Council will support and promote participation of parents, guardians, and teaching staff in all school activities and events that are beneficial to our students.

Our Council will promote goodwill and cooperation between staff and parents.

Our Council will ensure a healthy and safe environment for our students.


2001 / 2002 Goals

1.      Develop and implement an appropriate dress policy for Hollywood Public School through consultation with parents, teachers and school administration.

2.      Implement a selected portion of Phase II of the playground master plan jointly with the Toronto District School Board.

3.      Develop a Lunchroom Supervisor & Student Code of Conduct in consultation with parents, teachers, school administration and the Toronto District School Board. Review staffing and responsibilities as it applies to this code of conduct.

4.      Clarify our role in the After School Program.

5.      Convene a Curriculum / Testing Committee to monitor and advise on what is happening in our classrooms, test preparation, and results of the scores.

6.      Develop a fundraising budget to support identified school activities.

7.      Address issues in accordance with the mandate using a fair and equitable process, involving parents, teachers and students.




Choir $250

Enrichment Committee $1000

Graduation Ceremony $500

Summer BBQ $400

Lunch supervisor $2600

Playground equipment $3000

Field trip buses $200

Flower & Gift fund $300

TOTAL $8250




Receipts Convenor

Halloween candy $1500 Kamlesh

Pizza Lunch $1500 Miriam/ Rosario / Shaheen

Wrapping Paper $1800 Carol

Christmas Bazaar $1000 Miriam / Suzanne

Other fundraisers? $1200 Richard / Roshene

Collection for LR supervisor $2000 Sheila/ Kamlesh

TOTAL $9000


Fundraising goal per child: $9000 / 300 students = ~$30 per child