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Richard Holmes of Kildare

Yes, Richard Holmes!

Historically there are many Richard Holmes but the first known Richard in our family was born in 1765, and thought to have been born in Ireland….his ancestors may have come from Yorkshire in England about the time of the "Plantation" in the 1600's.
He married Elizabeth Bentley in Kilcullen Parish, Co. Kildare in the late 1800's. Elizabeth had a brother, Tangney Bentley. (Tangney Bentley was a farmer and leased various properties around Kilcullen and included Barry's Farm which was part of Ballysax Manor)
Ballysax Manor is located 3 miles from Kilcullen, 1 mile from The Curragh, 4 miles from Newbridge…..45 miles from Dublin.
In 1795, Ballysax Manor was in possession of John Annesley.
In 1798 the Great Irish Rebellion or Rising was effecting most parts of Ireland and included Kilcullen and surrounding areas.
Capt Maurice Annesley "acted as a mediator between the opposing forces".
Richard Holmes and wife Elizabeth lived in this area and assisted in the farming …...and may have been loyal to John Annesley in the capacity of a yeoman.
The yeomanry was made up of landlords and tenants and at this time, Richard Holmes was in his early 'thirties'.

"The Rebellion was a sad thing. For many a poor innocent man was killed by villains on both sides, for Orangemen and United Men...destroy poor Ireland and between these rogues all Honest men suffer. But Lord Cornwallis has saved Ireland".
From a letter to a Kildare Magistrate in the summer of 1798.

They had one known male child, Richard born in 1804 at Cherryfield in the Parish of Lackagh, near Kildare.
Richard Holmes died intestate in 1845 and is buried in the Presbyterian Cemetery, Athy, Co. Kildare.

"Though mine eyes have never rested on that dear delightful land.
Yet I know her hills and valleys are the work of Beauty's hand,
And I'm sure there's angels laughter in each gleaming stream that flows,
For my Irish daddy said it, and my Irish daddy knows".