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This site is maintained by Holodarlin' (aka Ace of Spice, aka Sugar Spice) proud member of The BrigaDears and Starke's Spices (see badges in upper left).  It is named for a piece of dialogue (2, actually) spoken by our friendly neighborhood gambler, Ezra, and is full of hodgepodge all somehow related to "The Magnificent Seven" and especially Ezra.  WANNA HEAR HIM SAY IT??? Here it is (.wav)!  (Thank you, Enid!)  Hope you like what I've done with the place:
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The Magnificent Seven Music Videos
UPDATED 2/26/2000
Includes the Music Video of the 1870s "The Gambler",
PLUS one with moving parts!!!  Real video YAY!  "Cowboy Take Me Away" by the Dixie Chicks, in this case it's "Mag7 Take Me Away".  Two versions: one video and one slideshow.  And
NOW an 1870s version of that, too!
You must have RealPlayer to see the "Cowboy Take Me Away" videos except the 1870s version.
Magnificent Seven stories written by me, Holodarlin'.  Right now, there's two, but there's more to come!
The 7-Headed FanFic Writer Story! UPDATED 12/23/2000
This is a bizarrely-named page, which is just an unusual way of writing a fan fic story... 5 words at a time.  If you'd like to add your 5 words or read the story as it is so far, click on this  LINK

To add words to the story, use the link to the Message Board on that page.
Mag 7 Character Sketches (with Pictures!!!)
Self-explanatory page.  It includes short bios on The Seven, plus 4 more supporting characters from the series.  If you're not familiar with the TV series, then reading these bios will help give you an idea of who the characters are, and you can see what they look like and sound like! 
LINKS (aka "Six Degrees of The Seven")
I've just added (Dec. 23, 2000) a few more links from people who signed my guestbook.  Sorry it took so long!
Links to Mag7 web sites recommended by me and others who have visited this web site. 

PLUS!!!  Links to sites that don't directly relate to the Mag7, but since I said this site is full of things that relate to Mag7, I have linked everything to any of the Mag7 actors - hence "Six Degrees". 
UPDATED 1/15/2000
No character descriptions; only pictures ... of EZRA!!!  (mostly)  For faster loading, the pics are divided into pages, according to theme, not episode or season the way other pages do it. 
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