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      This site offers healing energy and thoughts to all who seek help through the use of a number of healing methods including requests for intervention by the Holy Spirit, Reiki, crystal healing, chakra therapy, color therapy, Shamanism, tarot and other subtle-energy therapies. The main purpose of this site is to make available, to as many people as possible, a way of submitting healing requests and answering them through prayer and distant healing. Whether you seek inner peace, a sense of well being or wish to send spiritual energy to someone, living or passed, we are here for you. No request is too big or too small.  Just click the link below to submit your request.
A large part of spiritualism is accepting communication from non-physical sources.  Angels and guides as well as those that have crossed over that need to let us know something. Open your heart and your mind.  Listen to what they have to say.
     At this time we are not offering any training in various distant healing methods.  I will make every effort to organize as many helpful links that I can find that may be helpful to you in your journey.  This site will grow with time.  Please, come back often.
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**Seeking competent medical attention for any illness or injury is recommened**.
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