HoloMUCK Map Page

Complete HoloMUCK Integrated Mapping Page (CHIMP)

This site contains maps of all areas of Planet Holo and other planets of HoloMuck.
The site aims to allow the user to zoom in and out, to the point of being able to view maps of individual buildings, or the whole galaxy.

Click here to start at a map of the galaxy.

New areas! Update! Coniferous Forest has been updated to include new building, on 21st April 2001!

The Holo Map Page, although not entirely complete, should not now be broken in any place. Please report any errors (typos, out of date maps, broken links etc) to Hakon at pwhce@yahoo.com.au

- Earl Hakon.

Note on 18 May 2004: This page has not been updated in some time. Some maps are now out of date.

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